Sunday, August 27, 2006

I am in Taiwan

Wow it is just like I remembered. Lots of people, scooters and heat. We had a real BIG thunder and lightning storm yesterday. Fortunately one of the guys from Melissa's church had a car so we could go for tea without getting soaked. The only way I know to get that wet that fast in Canada is to jump into a pool!

I'm having a great time and have only had a few near close calls on the scooter. No actual close calls though.

We went to one of the church member apartment for a supper last night. He has a great view from his 20th floor apartment. So we ended up getting to church about 10 am and leaving the last place at 10 pm. Great visiting!

I hope all of you keep having fun!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Wow only a few hours left!!

Well I have packed all that I am going to pack and now it is time for a bit of sleep before the 6 am departure from Saskatoon.  26 1/2 hours travel time to Taipei and then a bus ride with Melissa.
More later

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Visiting Detroit Sunday September 24th

I have a bit of a silly question.  Colleen and I have a 6 hour layover in Detroit and wondered if we know anyone close enough to visit for a few hours?  We are due to arrive Sunday midday at 12:10 PM and leave at 7:06 PM from Detroit-Wayne County Int'l.


Maybe someone has a recommendation for the 6 hours?  We will have just finished 14 ½ hours travel from Taipei so napping might be most suitable, but not as much fun!

Great Visit with Jenn and Roger

Well, I'm testing posting by email.
We had areal nice visit with Jenn and Roger Hamill last evening.  Poor Roger had the travel and stomach thing happening perhaps impending parenthood has him in a knot!?  Jenn look GREAT!  And sound good too lest you think I am only a visual guy.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another week ends and another begins

Well Leadership Summit went well. Only small facility and technical issues due to changing weather.

Only 9 days to departure! Saw Heather L at church as I was giving my small group a short building tour to fill time. I also found out that the guy doing doors and cabinets in the church is the next door neighbour of one of the girls in my group this morning. Yep, Steve and 8 Grade 3 & 4 girls talking about trusting God. Well I am adaptable to any age! Actually I may be gradually becoming less capable of talking with adults......

Not much else, we had lunch with Pastor Daniel and Lisa from P.A. and their 17 month old son Wesley. They are a very nice family just getting some rest and relaxation before another season of ministry. The P.A. church is getting a new roof structure and cover and sanctuary carpeting due to an extremely heavy snowload in March. Insurance covers the replacement above the $500 deductible. Once again God protects and provides when we use the tools he has provided.

Well more as the week progresses. 5 work days left before vacation!!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another day another experience

Well actually enough for a week. I am having a real Tuesday pattern. I can hardly wait for next week! Last Tuesday one of my staff resigned; today I arrived to our office with one majorly damaged entry door and missing 3 CPUs and one monitor. At least they were fairly tidy.

Yahoo, 2 weeks from now I will be half way to Taiwan! The next 4 days have major activity with the Willow Creek Leadership Summit, then I can start to think about travelling.

Oh wait then I have 2 weeks without Colleen! Oh well she will enjoy the break from my wit and humour.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

First weekend at new Lakeview site

This was taken during the second service.

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I got to help register 53 K-5 kids at 10 and 28 at 11:30

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NO it is not me in the pirate's costume, That is Captain Yahweh helping the kids discover that they are a treasure.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well the car is getting a bit better. I guess 19 year old toyota's need new fuses and bulbs, BEATS ME WHY except that oxidization may be the issue. What does a boy from Kansas know anyway? Well 30 years of lerning at the U of S need to count for gaining some insights!

Wow 3 weeks and I will be most of the way to Taiwan!!! Concerns about work and Leadership summit will be a memory. I am beginning to get excited. The reality won't hit until I finish work on the 18th.

Check out these U of S photos that we are thinking about using with this yer's Campus phone directory.