Friday, May 30, 2008

Today and tomnorrow won't be quite as bad.

Each of you that has reached out through blog comments or Facebook have brought healing to my heart.

Now for Colleen and I to get our heads around the various impacts of the situation. I am trying to use only information I have and not entertained conclusions so far. I have enough trouble dealing with what I know without having to undo my guesses.

Thank you for your words, phone calls and prayers.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Holding the tears back......

I unwrapped my grandson's Christmas gifts today because I have no expectation of seeing him. I trust God that it will occur but after visiting Jay & Julie's place this afternoon I cannot keep the expectation alive. It is too painful.

The 5 minute conversation in the doorway seems to have accomplished nothing more than refreshing the wounds for all of us. Now I need to put Jay, Julie and Alex in God's container and leave it for God to open. It appeared Julie has had their baby but no mention or discussion was possible. So I place both of our grandchildren and their parent's in God's care. MANY TIMES A DAY!

Please pray for the hardness of heart, hurt, needs and whatever Jay and Julie need will be met.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I just realized I have THREE webpages!

Imagine! I went to a workshop here at General Conference about how to make a website in an hour. Well this is one of them! hmmm, well I do try to have a spiritual component as well.

It is a good conference. It's nice to realize I know a LOT of FM people across Canada. I got to reacquaint with Kris Gowdy, Suella (Merrit) McDonald, Nathan & Helen and my SCOD mates.

I'll add more as my thoughts clear.

Tuesday coffee with Ernest, maybe....................

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yahoo, the life of ease

well maybe not just yet. It will take at least a few days for the reality of not going back to work at the University after 32 years to settle in.

I am BUSY the next 4 days then have about 2 weeks to unwind, have coffee with Ernest and do things before our 3 week drive to Oklahoma-Kansas and back. July has no schedule so far except church and getting Colleen to work.

Melissa will be around much of August then she can go back to to Kaohsiung and start to seriously search for our apartment. September and October will finalize our preparations.

Ah retired life..............................................

Monday, May 05, 2008

yep still working 8 more official days

hmmm busy with local Nominating committee, life, work and making plans. I know I have forgotten some little details.

As soon as I am done at the University at 4:30 on May 15th, I leave 6 am on the 16th for Triennial General Church Conference in Toronto. Some relaxing retirement. I've finally gotten to where I can call it that.

I've registered for 2 TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) classes over the summer. Web based because we are travelling to and from Tyrone OK and Liberal KS for 3 weeks in June and then a couple weeks in early August to Campbell River BC for a wedding. I LOVE travelling. Too bad it cost so much money.

I hope to cover our Taiwan expenses by doing some English teaching while we are there from Nov through April. And part of our house expenses by renting out upstairs while we are gone. I think that is God's plan because there are a few options starting to take shape for our house occupancy. I think I may make Colleen into a kept woman!

Today is about what I expect our winter months to be like next year in Kaohsiung. The lack of central heating will have an added effect though. About 16 C during the afternoon. K may not be as sunny as Saskatoon though.

I wonder how much is involved in being an electrician in Taiwan? I plan to use that background to supplement our lifestyle here too.