Sunday, August 24, 2008

A range of thoughts

We are back to being empty nesters. Melissa is in Vancouver a couple days before getting back to Kaohsiung. I am finished my TEFL exams so we can get about the necessary tasks before we leave for Kaohsiung Nov 6th. Yikes so much in such little time!

yard work
a couple small renovation projects
Colleen working 25 hrs a week
me learning how to be retired and still productive
find our new relationship boundaries
rent the main floor for 5 months
deal with 2 vehicles while we are away(1 junker, 1 good)
insurance changes while we are gone
bill payment processing while we are gone
connect with friends
find the connection with Jay and Julie
Keep Melissa working on any of our details
connect with Jay and Julie

Monday, August 18, 2008

Retired! Projects? Contemplations!

Well, TEFL exams are done so I am starting to feel retired. Not bad since May 15th was my last official work day!

I've been thinking about how easy it was to blog daily several months ago when I was filled with angst and waiting for decisions. It will take a few more days to sort my thoughts.

Now that my courses are complete I can start developing my/our new schedule. Melissa is here visiting for 5 more days and then Nov 6th we fly to Taiwan for 5 months (not very far away!).

It's great to see progress with Corwin's adoption of Wilbur, Dillon growing, Gemma getting better, Glenn's olympic thoughts. Life is good!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

It's August so we must be on another trip!!!

What a summer! It is such a blessing!

We picked up Melissa in Surrey on Wed. and drove to Qualicum Beach and then up to Colleen's sister's at Little Qualicum River. I had a great time helping Doug set up tents for today's wedding. Doug & Judy are planning their honeymoon trip to be to Taiwan while we are there. SUPER COOL!

All of Colleen's living siblings are in town for the wedding, And a Mexican fiesta tomorrow evening just in case there isn't enough celebrating! And there are lots from Doug's side too.

Many of you will also know I was able to see Alex and Gabriella a couple weeks ago, it was great and yet very tentative with the uncertainty of the past months and the months to come. God will prevail.

Now for me to be disciplined in the next 3 months before we leave for Taiwan. Yep 3 months from today we will be looking at our apartment in Kaohsiung. Melissa will be working on that as soon as she gets back.

Love to all