Friday, May 14, 2010

hmm, what to say................

I was going to a foot massage and got sidetracked by a university display at Kaohsiung Arena........LOTS of universities from southern Taiwan with various health and lifestyle things.  a couple kinds of drink, biodegradeable recylcleable material was made into a flowerbox but golf tees is one use, plastiwood(recycled wood and plastic), a couple soap things, a 3 wheeled scooter/bike thing, I got a hat and pen for trying it,  some graphic art things and a NEAT water conservation soil mix for living wall applications that doesn't erode with water flow.  sorry no photos on my camera but I will be in one from each booth....the eager foreigner!   wa ai Taiwan!

We went to Cijin Island yesterday.  AND got a bit too hot......................
You can see my interests are a bit different than Colleen and Melissa's
And maybe even the focus of the first fish and the grin of the following fish has a similarity to my lookin' and grinnin' way, here!   And the first fish is FOCUSSED not unhappy..............................I JUST NOTICED COLLEEN AND MELISSA IN THE BACKGROUND and I am taking a picture that some would think childish........hmmmmmm

Oh it was also another windy day even though it was hot which got me to reflecting on sounds and smells again.   I discovered that the heat and associated sweating results in those gas releases leaving sound tracks.......Usually the evidence is only audible!  MY MID TRAVELS MANY A STRANGE PATH

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Close to the last week, VERY CLOSE

We fly our Monday May 17th so we are on our second last and last of many things.  As I wrote on one FB comment it brings a sad tear to my eye but God replaces it with HAPPY MEMORIES. 

We had a great youth evening and a good service today.  Then Melissa took Colleen to our favourite Brunch restaurant CasaLingua PASTA DELI, I tagged along.  Eggs Benny, mmmmmmm!  

We've been inside relaxing while Melissa is at  the dinner theater rehearsal, unfortunately they have had to move it down 2 weeks so we will miss it.  inside cause it's a sunny humid 31 degrees.  we are gonna freeze the first few days back!

OH I GOT TO MEET WITH GLENN TEAL WHEN HE WAS IN KAOHSIUNG THIS WEEK.  great to catch up in person instead of email and FB.  I think the last time I saw him was at Arlington Beach the summer he and Lee Barbour canoed part of the Missouri River system.  He, Nancy, Angela and her husband Jared will be at Arlington this summer for the 50th Anniversary.

Well that's about it for now.   Dinner in an hour, hmmmmmmm

Sunday, May 02, 2010

BCC Women's Retreat 2010 Kenting

There were sun, wind, water, beaches, baptisms, fun, food and relaxation!

Herbal elixer, YUMMY

Chinese Name: "Chang" Modified Loquat Ointment
Performance: Antitussive, expectorant.
Indications: Cough, sore throat hoarse.

Fritillaria 26.6000 mg
Loquat 120.1000 mg
Citrus 26.6000 mg
Radix 26.6000 mg
Poria 26.6000 mg
Trichosanthes Seed 26.6000 mg
Polygalaceae 26.6000 mg
Lotus 26.6000 mg
Coltsfoot Flower 26.6000 mg
Campanulaceae 26.6000 mg
Pinellia 26.6000 mg
Ginger 13.3000 mg
Menthol 0.0800 mg
Bitter almond oil 1.0000 mg
Orange peel oil 0.0300 mg
Strawberry flavor 0.3300 mg
Pineapple flavor 0.1600 mg
Maltose 200.0000 mg
Sucrose 330.0000 mg
Honey 66.0000 mg
Distilled water added to 1000.0000 mg