Sunday, July 30, 2006

Finally a quieter week

Well the car saga continues, but at least not as dramatic. Still using Toyota Nation forums to troubleshoot. 23 days and 14 work days to departure for me . Only 11 days to Leadership Summit.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Wow What a Week

Tuesday the car dies for Colleen as she returns from Weight Watchers
Wednesday it gets fixed to the tune of $330
Thursday it dies on me the same way!! 4 blocks from the repair shop. I at least get their loaner car so we can go to the potluck supper at Gabriel Dumont Park. At least Jay's day went better their jeep rebuild passed all the inspections! Hurrah!!!
Friday it acts up for the mechanics and then works fine so they can't locate the problem! They were able to diagnose it but not locate the electrical fault.
Christa and Paul were gracious enough to loan us their vehicle so we could go to Murray Lake for a few days while they go to Calgary for a few days!

Maybe the alternator problem won't come back. Yeah RIGHT!!

Maybe next week will be a bit less exciting, Oh wait I am a pallbearer at Mary Peters funeral Wednesday morning. I didn't think being 56 would be so hectic!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sharing my Birthday with the world

I got to spend the day with the lady I love and the late with afternoon Jay, Julie and Alex. Alex has been working on the "pop-sputter" for a while now.
He is just like Jay was at this age, CURIOUS and involved. And then we got to fly the kite too!

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Happy Birthday to me!

Well, Special Breakfast from Colleen, call from Melissa and maybe a visit with Jay, Julie and Alex. Life for a 56 year old can't get much better.

For those of you have been here you know what I mean and for those that can't even image 40 let alone 56 be patient and live carefully and you will get there.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Look Out World Here I come

Alex made his first trip from our family room to the kitchen on Tuesday July 11th. Our stairs are shallow and padded, but not at home!

Imagine him climbing these at home! Or tumbling down!