Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vacation week excitement

One of us was either getting, being or getting over being sick!

Melissa was sick last Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We went to Yes Man on Tuesday. I was sick Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday we rode the bus from outside our apartment to the Gushan Ferry and went to the Bride Wars movie. We were planning to go to Cijin Island but the line to get on the ferry was a block long. The crowds would have been amazing on the island! Colleen is sick today and hopefully will fight it of faster than we did! Oh on Tuesday 300,000 people rode the MRT. Read it for yourself.

One week from right now we are packing for 2 days in Taipei with Doug and Judy before bringing them to Kaohsiung, And on the 13th we head out for our second trip that just happens to revalidate our 60 day visa. We will manage 10 days in Thailand dividing our time between Bangkok and 2 resorts in Phuket.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

One week later

There just hasn't seemed to be the urge to blog lately..............prepare yourself ...........

It's Sunday afternoon and we've just listened to the December 28th and January 4th Lakeview sermons. Technology extends God's family. Life is good. It has it's moments here and over there. We've had a couple emails from home people that renew that feeling of absence, God is SO GOOD to give us family and friends that warm our hearts.

Those that follow Facebook will know Melissa has been sick this week and may now be on the mend. Medical care here is easily accessed and inexpensive but you still have to go see the doctor!

This has been weighing on my mind. We have a couple friends whose mothers are not well, please remember and treasure those around you at every opportunity. We know of at least one young couple who have lost their child in early pregnancy, pray for God's abiding presence for the parents, siblings and grandparents. I know of some and am sure there are many others that are dealing with various relationship issues and dimensions that are part of the reality of life, please pray for God's strength, patience and wisdom.

I have been a bit reflective as a CLOSE friend's mother is in hospital and declining. We are exactly half way through our time away! Maybe that is part of the heaviness in my heart, glad but sad. Some of our conversations have started to shift from this time to next year when we are here. Okay, I'll stop living on what I don't have and get back to savouring what I do have.

The time here has been everything I had hoped it would be and more but dared not expect. Sure I've taught more than I was expecting but it helps the financial balancing act. I wanted it to feel like home rather than a vacation, it does. Oh we have had the relaxing times and in 2 weeks we will get serious about that as Colleen's sister Judy and her husband Doug will be here for 5 weeks. We will spend some time in Bangkok and Phuket while they are here!

This week we will relax, wander, explore and ____________ as Melissa is off this week due to Chinese New Year break. Next week Colleen will sub 2 hours for 1 Kindergarten class and I will sub for 2 days. That should wrap up the teaching, we need to practice retirement before getting back to Saskatoon in mid April!

Oh Sorry to see Saskatoon is -30. It helps our 20 feel not quite so chilly! Now where are my socks?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yep January 16, 1971 was 38 years ago! God continues to bless us with optimism and hope.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Taiwan learnings

Steve does up his coat,
all the girls on scooters wear long pants,
Steve wears long pants,
your face guard fogs over at red lights (scooter riding),
Steve wears gloves while riding,
the Bettlenut girls actually wear a skirt,
Steve thinks about wearing socks,

you look 2 lights ahead to see if you can slow down enough to not stop,
you park the scooter where there is just enough room instead of room for 2,
you carry groceries between your feet with your toes sticking out over the edge,
it isn't a struggle to get around a corner.

But I still can't drive through the width that I wouldn't walk through in Canada!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Scooter Riding

Never drive faster than the cars unless they are stopped!

Wear gloves at 11 degrees.

Don't rush, all you'll do is wait at the next stop light for those people puttering along.

Be content with following the crowd, the bumps are softer.

Keep the visor down, fewer bugs and less popping and whistling in the ears.

Don't look at the Beetle Nut girls, WATCH THE ROAD. I've never seen anybody wear things that small in public.

Watch out for the people that stop or turn or move over when they want without any regard for if it is safe to do so!

Always put up the kickstand unless you are intending to create a spark display.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ordinary life

This week we are back from vacation and starting to plan details around Doug and Judy's visit which includes a vacation to Phuket. It's like being a kid in a candy store without a bag and only able to use my mouth and 2 hands! So much too little time!

Teaching is back into full swing; I have one week left and then I am back into retirement. There is some subbing available around Chinese New Year so Colleen will have my undivided attention for 2 1/2 weeks. You can rejoice or pray for her!

My mind wanders or blanks about anything else to share. We marvel each day at God's goodness and provision of this dream for us. Now to see if it works in future years.

I am meeting with Tim Kinkaid, a Free Methodist pastor, in a couple weeks maybe I will become a FM advocate in Taiwan. There are several FM churches but I don't think any are using English. It is of interest but doesn't look like it will pay as well as teaching, maybe there is a travel funding opportunity though. God holds many surprises.

Oh I listened to last weekend's message at Lakeview. Even in an introduction talk DB manages to lay a CHALLENGE. God has big things converging!

Cards and letters surprises

The arrival of a card or letter is a wonderful surprise. The email and Facebook comments are very supporting and uplifting too. Every note and card has been incredibly heartwarming. Thank you all.

I was surprised by the welling tears yesterday as I read Christa's Christmas letter and then Sylvia's letter and note. I must miss them.......... Christa's wit was in fine form!

Results of teaching

My handwriting has improved so much that Melissa did not recognize who wrote her name on her Christmas card envelope!

I can do almost any amount of stairs without pain and grumbling! Okay maybe some wishing for an escalator or elevator.

The extra income is great. Now to see if it is a repeatable activity each year.