Monday, October 26, 2009

What a week!!!

Please be praying for God's grace and wisdom for Lakeview Church. We are in a very challenging time. God is supreme. God is soveriegn! All we need to do is to follow.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

God is good, life is good COMMENTARY

Today warmed to 16 degrees it was glorious and as much as I talked about it with Zou kids last night I realize I did not have a conscious thought toward how I could see God through the activity of the day.... How is it that some days it is easy to perceive God and others it is easy to avoid those thoughts? I guess I was relaxing more than being deliberate in my day....Except during the Riders game dueling with Lesley!

Today I reaffirmed I am a peace lover! I was part of a Facebook encounter and I wanted to run SCARED!!!!!!!!!!! The written word, emotion, humour, spirit, loyalty can work together in a beautiful way but can also be so easily misinterpreted. I am a pretty passionate person and often wear the safe mask when in public view, don't I. Oh wait, my blog is one place I don't always wear the 'safe mask'. I do try to be aware, smart, considered while being open. I try to show vulnerability without being vulnerable to abuse or attack.

My thoughts are kind of empty or racing or flowing or not connected or wandering so this is it for today.

Oh wait, a cousin's daughter and family are going to serve in Mexico for 6 months leaving winter behind with a trailer and 3 kids sounds FUN! see I am strange. A friend's father passed away, not unexpected but still sooner than expected. Her mother passed away in the last 6 months too. Melissa has a new job that will help with cash and permanent residency processes. Still no word from Jay and Julie, SIGH, silent tear, hmmmmmm. Church was good connection time, 2 missions service teams talked about Mulenga and their experience there this summer. They spoke of a family feeling that we can identify with from our time in Kaohsiung. Now to see who God has for our house this year while we are in Taiwan.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

No witty retort

it's been 3 weeks since i expounded anywhere but Facebook. I need to spend more pondering time.

I've been trying to rationalize Facebook and blogging. I can pretty easily dismiss twitter and regularly use email for specific person to person communication. I even use the phone occassionally.

A good friend is now out of the hospital after repair of a broken femur. Now the hard part begins for him, PATIENCE. And it will take a while for their famuily routine to return to normal.

Life here is pretty normal...Colleen works 10-4 3 day a week, I'm doing a variety of electrical work: replacing ballasts and fluorscent tubes, wiring some basements and a garage. I think I dislocated my shoulder holding ballasts in place on tuesday! Well OK not dislocated but it sure hurts, whiney, whiney........ My chiropractor treatment tomorrow should help. Then I can do some wiring and see if it is fixed or hurt............