Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back on Canadian Soil

2 weeks actually and not as busy as my blogging would suggest.   I am working at reducing my computer time..................some success, some is just a change in the activity.
I miss my Taiwanese life but I am glad to be in Saskatoon.  Our lives are full in both locations.  Family, friends that ARE family, great places to worship God, great places to eat, great places to serve God and celebrate Jesus' love, great places to relax, great places to have fun.

Now to get about the business of generating a bit of extra income so we can more easily afford our new lifestyle desires.......that discipline is not so easy to find and actually DO.  Immuntec is our direction but we are so slow that we are practically restarting after only 3 months away.

Oh a few people have asked if Melissa has adopted a baby.   NO.  She has friends that operate  which was was born from a vision to counsel, care for, and house unwed mothers in crisis pregnancies.  It was a privilege to spend time with some of the babies that are in the process of being adopted.

Please be praying for insight and wisdom for us as we work at reconnecting with Jay and Julie.  The difference in our and his beliefs are creating a major communication challenge (slight underexaggeration).  More could be said but would serve no benefit but further expose the frustration.and better guarded details.

Well lasagna is almost cool enough to eat.............Ciao for now.