Monday, June 20, 2011

3 weeks of rambling thoughts

I am now able to say I am RETIRED.  I've spent 3 years getting my head past a layoff with severance.  Not dealing with it but describing it as retired.   Dealing with it has NOT been a problem.  Actually I should be semi or quarter retired to support our lifestyle!  Each year has been an adventure in scheduling, working, enjoying, pondering, playing, learning and seeing what God has for us.......

Retired means that while in Taiwan visitng Melissa I can think of a 3 day visit to my brother and as we discuss it let it grow into a week's drive across Kansas and back!  I had a great week with my brother.  I got renewed with second hand smoking, and both of us with cousins,
Rocky and Leona Faye Mason (Hugoton)
We stayed with Linda Wright in Liberal
aunts, uncles cousin's kids and grandkids.   We even got in some Tornado shelter time.
We got to go out to Arkalon Park with my Mom's brother Fred.
Arkalon was developed by OUR DAD to develop wildlife habitat and also use excess treated sewage from the City of Liberal KS.  A true sign of the skill and isnpiration that does NOT require University degrees and training

We had one hotel night to reward David's grandson.....after all a 9 year old deserves some FUN. 
But I managed to hurt my foot playing in the 3 foot deep water...................I would be on crutches but the Walmart we went to didn't sell them  (go figure)   Aleve did the trick though!   Enough that we could visit

my Dad's cousin, Lillie Kissinger, in Mulvane            and                        our cousin Calvin in  Wichita.


We probably haven't had more than 6 or 7 days together since 1968!   Not that we caught up on a lot of stuff but I think we caught up a bit on who we are..............

Monday, June 06, 2011

Wanting to be 3 places at once

Well maybe even 4...................

Melissa's surgery went well and her recovery is doing well and within 24 hours she should have the results of her 3 scans in 5 days after the removal of the melanoma on her shoulder.   What a week, and month!  It was only 5 weeks ago that she had the biopsy, Taiwan DOES NOT mess around with long wait times!  The medical care is superb (IMHO) and the personal care provided by Colleen and Melissa's friends has been FANTASTIC.

As my trip to visit my brother in Kansas City gets close I am missing my family.  The reality of NOT living around my aunts, uncles and cousins is working on my mind the last while.  Curiously it has been stimulated by the months living even farther away in Taiwan........  and more time to ponder thoughts and feelings rather than working on a daily JOB or projects.  We are going to have a great time as brothers and visiting family in Liberal, Tyrone, Mulvane and Wichita.

I'd LOVE to spend some time with Jay.  I need to learn how to visit with my son.  How did we manage to get so far apart in our ability to talk?    Maybe I will never know.  I know I WANT to know but don't NEED to know.

Maybe some of this is having Colleen away.  Maybe it's a stage of life thing.  Maybe?

Oh right place number 4....  I think it is right here in Saskatoon.  Yeah I think......