Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jessica turned 7

I started this blog in recognition of our grandson Alexander, but I have many Pride and Joy people in my life. Jessica, Lecia and Brendan's youngest, Elizabeth and Neil's second oldest grandchild turned 7 this week.
She opened presents as people arrrived. A very nice touch and then we could focus on cake and ice cream. 3 kinds of each!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nice Day and nice family supper

Colleen's sister's kids were here for supper tonight.
Lollipop shrimp appetizer's inspired by the CHHF Big Grill, Steak from Prairie Meats, baked potato, salad, grilled asparagus spears and chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

Brennan is such a happy boy. reminds us of Alex last summer.

And very active and imaginative...........

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day 2007

Let me start with one key aspect from my Mother's Day post. If you have not spoken with your father recently I URGE YOU TO RIGHT NOW.

Father's are strange creatures! Most of us have a very tender heart but seldom show it. As much as we are strong we are also too weak to say or do many of those things we should have as fathers to our sons and daughters. We need to connect with our kids often.

The last several months have had life changing questions and as yet have no answers or significant developments. None are health related! I continue to trust in God's sovereignty and guidance for my life. Oh, there are days that are down and a struggle but God is good and provides strength

Monday, June 11, 2007

hmm 2 weeks no post

Well not terribly busy, just distracted.

Melissa will be home for a visit in less than 4 weeks!

Life continues.

I survived the Power Hour Grade 5 sleepover. Even when 4 boys decided to pull an all nighter. Pretty quiet until the sun came up around 4 am and they could see 2 deer across the field. That meant get them out so the others had enough quiet to sleep. Who would have thought they would be willing to pick up mini marshmallows that had been out all night. We used marshmallow shooters similar to this (blowers - no alcohol involved)http://www.curriculumconnection.net/marshmallowgun.htm

Life continues, work, eat, rest, feed the internet addiction.

Love and encourgement to all