Monday, September 25, 2006


A day late and so0me NW money ahead. Do I REALLY need to go in first thing in the morning??

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Adventure continues

The airline was over booked out of Detroit so we volunteered to be bumped. A VERY nice room at the Hilton suites, comfortable, but not elaborate, king size bed and a very good dinner. Hmm, now where will we go with the $600 in NWA travel voucher? We each got $300.

Oh and the wireless internet at the hotel helped rebook our pickup at home too. Too bad DTW, MSP and YXE don't have free access. They do have WiFi, but as far as I can tell you need to have a contract with a provider to look at anything other than their site.

Up at 7:45 to catch the shuttle and clear security for our 10:05 flight. I hope we sleep reasonably well tonight.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Waiting in Osaka

Well we have the first leg well under way. We arrived at 11:30 local time in 2 hours and 1 minute from Taipei. Melissa is probably enjoying a good sleep at Chris and Nevada's about now.

We have had wonderful time, now we are in the endurance phase! We are here for just under 2 hours before we set out on the 13 or 14 hours to Detroit. Too bad we couldn't divert slightly south as we fly back through Alaska and the NWT. I think it would be worth learning to skydive.

Vending machine prices rival Saskatoon which is a shock after the much lower prices in Kaohsiung and Taipei. A 1 litre water bottle was often 15 or 20 $NT ($0.68) and it is 150 yen ($1.44) here! And when it is out of a product it seems to make a substitution for you. The woman didn't look too surprised!

Last night in Taiwan

We've had a great day and a half in Taipei. We went to Bongo's for dinner last night and had good poutine. Today Breakfast at Grandma Ditti's and lunch at the food court in the 101 Building. It was too rainy to bother going to the observation deck. In 12 hours I think we will be on the plane headed for Osaka, Detroit, Minneapolis and Saskatoon.

Thanks to all our hosts in Taiwan. It is like leaving family behind.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Last night in Kaohsiung

Well, I can hardly believe it.

We head to Taipei tomorrow to visit Chris and Nevada McKenzie and celebrate Melissa's 33rd birthday. On Saturday we hope to visit the 101 and a few other things while avoiding the protests related to upcoming elections.

Then on Sunday we will gain 14 hours. We leave Taipei at 8:15 in the morning and arrive in Saskatoon at 10:45 pm. About 35 hours of travel time including a 7 hour layover in Detroit! I'll go crazy just turning my watch back.

It has been FANTASTIC and very satisfying to meet so many of Melissa's friends and coworkers.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Our last Sunday at BCC

Colleen got to help with finding harnmony during worship practise.

It has been great to get to know Melissa's church family.

They have lunch each Sunday after church.
I though some would appreciate hearing part of one worship song. Sorry for the amatuer recording. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dr. Wu, Melissa's Mentor and Guardian

Dr. Wu invited us for lunch. Another elegant hotel and fantastic meal. We are being hosted as royalty. Mind you Dr. Wu did say Melissa will be the Queen of the foreigners! And that her busines card should say Social Entrepeneur.

Dr. Wu presented us with a lovely fruit basket. And had wonderful words to say about Melissa.

We are privileged to present 2 Saskatchewan scenes to him in appreciation for his support and encourgemetn to Melissa. Posted by Picasa

International Coffee Morning

Melissa is involved with an international coffee morning that meets monthly. It was a very elegant fruit and cake presentation in the Howard Plaza Hotel.

We were in a room at one end of the Unicorn Hall. Coffee and other beverages were in the main hall.

I was the only man! Some times there are men, but I can understand why some men would be a bit intimidated. Look at the power and beauty at this table!

This week Marilyn, standing, brought card making kits to purchase and practise. Mine was very basic.

And of course this appers to be one more thing Melissa has discovered and ended up one of the major organizers. It is a great connection to the business community though. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Colleen Hijacked the taxi

Well, not really, but we had bought a couple items too large to transport on the scooters so we sent Colleen in the taxi. Unfortunately the taxi driver missed the lane. So as Melissa and I were about 2 blocks from the house we saw Colleen going the opposite direction. Melissa U-turned and chased the taxi while I continued to the house. Talk about adventure!

Later Melissa said she would have brought it all on the scooter if we weren't here! 3 sheets of 90cmx100cm coroplast, a sheet of cork board the same size, a small whiteboard, a toilet brush and holder and a couple other small items. Trish Postey could carry a lot more on her scooter if she really wanted to.

Earlier in the day Melissa's friend Andy took us to Gangshan for sightseeing, but the rain changed that into visiting with friends from church. It was fantastic to have lunch with and visit with a couple who are just married 2 years have a little boy almost 1 and trying to work through various aspects of following God's leading in their lives. It is great to get to know Melissa's church family!

Andy, Larry, Michelle, Charlie, Steve, Colleen and Melissa

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Night Market in Taichung

The banana strawberry mix is hard to see, but it was a welcome cooling treat.

Melissa's friend Marco attended University in Taichung so he was our guide for the day. These pictures are taken when the crowd reduced by 75%! Earlier I did not have room to get the camera out!

Posted by Picasa Sorry only back of the head shots.

The Robarts Family in Taichung


Melissa and Vaughn and Regina were Russia together in 1994-95. Their children are Haven, Logan, and the actor Simeon aka Lane Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Colleen is on her way here

Northwest Air says her flight has landed in Minneapolis, but has not arrived at the gate yet. In about 10 hours Melissa and I will head to Taipei to take some things to Chris and Nevada and pick up Colleen. The reality of limited time in Kaohsiung is starting to hit me. I HAVE REALLY ENJOYED MY DAYS HERE.

Yesterday I had my first real accident and it really doesn't qualify. I was going slow through a very tight spot and as I was tipping over I reached out for one of the big traffic barricades. Unfortunately here big doesn't mean heavy or strong. The thing was half the size of a couch and flipped on its side easier than a kitchen chair, totally hollow plastic. I only got a scrape and bruise on my left leg so good for story without much suffering.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wow another week has passed

Well Monday morning here and Sunday night in Saskatoon. Shawna and Parker are married! There is FULL house at 13 Hardy Crescent.

We have had a full week, but have not managed to take any pictures. I did take some video of a scooter ride, but haven't got the cables to download to share with you.

I taught a Wed-Friday 5-7 class it was FUN. Hard to follow a curriculum when I am so used to having the general outline and a few high points. It is very different having to make sure I cover the details. Last Monday and Tuesday I explored around on the scooter so it won't be quite as easy to get lost. I have the sunburn to prove it. I still won't have a great perspective on some locations, but at least I am not totally baffled.

Friday, or was it Saturday evening we went to the Mayor's picnic. Alex one of the Access volunteers hosted us. He arranged for a spot and provided the food and beverage. We ended up right near the honored guest location and as the Mayor circulated we each got to meet her and shake her hand. It was very interesting, but sitting on a thin cloth on a paving stone sidewalk was a first for me! Perhaps we can get copies of the pictures from Alex.

Melissa gets a new wardrobe and kitchen table set delivered this afternoon. We go to Taipei Thursday morning to pick up Colleen. Her arrival also brings the reality of leaving in 3 weeks too.

Well it is approaching 10 am so I better get moving. I will try to post more often this week.