Friday, February 27, 2009

Phuket days..........

Thai massage techniques have wonderful results it doesn't hurt like my typical massage in Saskatoon. Maybe it is the warm ocean breeze.

And we bought custom tailored shirts, slacks, blouses and jackets. NO I don't have a new blouse! Then as we were packing suitcases 4 days later (at a different resort) I noticed one pair of slacks had the wrong customer number!! I called the tailor and he gladly met us at the airport. There were some anxious moments when in the rush to meet him I left my laptop at the security check at least it was only a few feet away.

Oh before that here we are headed to a wedding with a beach reception dinner.

It was probably the hottest day we had in Phuket and we had HOT days. Now we are back in Kaohsiung touring, relaxing and enjoying the cooler 28 degrees.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Bloggin approach

Sorry it has been so long updating people. We’ve been on the road or in the air since Feb 13th. Wow, the more expensive the hotel the more likely they charge for internet usage. Free internet access does NOT mean usage, hmmm. We landed in Bangkok and rode an HOUR through bad pollution to get to our hotel it was fantastic. The hotel, not the ride! The next morning we met at the breakfast buffet and have had marvelous breakfasts everywhere since then. It will be a challenge to go back to self prepared food. Kel & Karen are friends of Judy and Doug’s from BC, now our friends too. Nobody had fought or called each other names yet. We hired a van and driver one day visiting a flower market, China town, lunching, a jewelry factory and having a great time.

rode the river shuttle and tuk tuks the next day.

Kel bought 2 elephants from the ‘floating market’. She was floating but the market is 80 km outside Bangkok so we didn’t get that in this trip.

At the Temple of the Emerald Buddha a young man from Chiang Mai mentioned he had bought wedding rings the day before at The Oscar and our drivers ‘happened’ to know where it was. Colleen has that Anniversary ring now! And according to this gentleman I am an excellent husband……………….! THAT AND OTHER PICTURES WHEN WE GET BACK TO KAOHSIUNG

We spent the 16th leaving Bangkok and arriving in Phuket. Of course our hotel is on the opposite end of the island from the airport! Very Nice, watch for the next post.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wow Feb. 10th

The last week has had wings, no jet engines!

After teaching last Monday and Tuesday we spent the rest of the week fighting colds, seeing the doctor, taking medicine, being careful and BEATING THE COLDS.

Saturday we packed for a 2 day trip to Taipei to meet Judy and Doug. We stayed in the Charming City Hotel as their guests. Nice rooms and a nice breakfast buffet included. Sunday we went though the Taipei 101 but not a clear day so didn't want to spend money to look at cloud covered buildings. We probably raced through the National Place Museum compared to most people! And we even went to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and Garden before taxiing to the HSR and back to Kaohsiung on Monday. Melissa had to bungee the trunk lid down for the last suitcase! Good thing it is only 3 blocks and smooth!

Today we took it easy but still covered a lot of miles on foot and by taxi but those are tales for another time.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Last Teaching day

Well, for now. Maybe for this year, I have implied consent to accept some between March 18 and April 3rd. I will not, should not work our last week in Taiwan!

A mixture of thoughts. I'm not sure it is a mixture of feelings though. I've enjoyed the teaching, it was a bit more like work than I dreamed it would be. It meant Colleen had more alone time and I got waited on more. Both kinda good, but close to the limit of what is best.

So one more scooter ride out to Gangshan and then ride the train home.

Oh we are both getting the medical treatment for our colds. This morning Melissa took Colleen to the doctor and as he was exploring the fibromyalgia pain points Colleen let out a whoop that scared the entire office. Melissa is still smiling. Colleen has almost stopped aching.

Oh and we have a new to us queen bed for our guests! Life here we come! Melissa gets the bed when we go home in April. Now where is home? Here or there? There or here?

Yep that is how varied my last teaching day has been and I don't teach for another 2 hours!