Friday, December 28, 2007

Visiting Crosby for the second time in 6 years

Well tomorrow we go to visit my sister. This will be a real boost for her. We will stay in the [exquisite] Golden Hub Motel since they have a small one bedroom house. There is nothing quite like small town North Dakota in December!

As far as I know her radiation treatments have had good results. After Saturday's appointment she may have some idea about the chemotherapy plan.

When we get back I will post an update and also let our various cousins know.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

PRAISE GOD and the medical knowledge He has revealed

Well Deb is not out of the woods by any means but the radiation has stopped the progression of the cancer on her spine.
I will avoid medical and treatment details but I am very encouraged even though there is still a very uncertain path ahead. Please remember to pray for Bill's strength and refreshing as he cares for her and their home. Pray that he will be strengthened for his work and he will remain healthy.
God is so good. He has met me in a time of need. Thank you to those who have touched me and provided support.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Mixed Saturday Report

Well getting Colleen to work was pretty uneventful and because Fuddrucker's parking lot was full I decided to come home and make my own breakfast. Well about 5 minutes after we left Debbie's husband Bill called to say she was in Minot receiving radiation treatment. WHAT!

Bill, Deb's husband, took Debbie to Minot hospital emergency Thursday night and she had 2 radiation treatments yesterday and will have 2 more today. Minot is about 2 hours from Crosby. Deb did not have strength to move her legs on Thursday evening. the short version is that after seeing doctors in Crosby Bill drove Deb to Minot and the MRI showed cancer in her lungs, breasts and spine. The spinal attack is the most immediate concern and creates a treatment by treatment prognosis.

There is hope and the Dr suggested she may go home for Christmas and return for additional treatments. She was sounding good this morning. I am sure Bill is exhausted, hurting and yet focused on the activity at hand.

It remains day by day, treatment by treatment. With the variety of aches in our hearts it continues to amaze and comfort me how there is ABSOLUTELY no sense of hopelessness.

God reigns!

After talking with Deb I called our sister in law in Kansas City who has successfully beaten cancer twice. So after I messed up her day she was able to report that my brother has been sober for 2 years! Things have a long way to go but the mixture of challenges and successes show God's sovereignty and provision.

Please pray for wisdom and clarity of thought for the medical staff; strength for Deb, Bill and those of us that are able to provide support; patience and diligence for those that support us.

One thought to wrap up for now. As I have gone through this past week people have offered a variety of supporting and comforting words. I have found the most support and encouragement from those words that had nothing to do with the reality of cancer, it's cause or prognosis. I haven't quite sorted out my range of thoughts but I realized I have been seeking comfort not explanation.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Life seemed pretty ordinary until Sat morning

Yep a full month since my last post.

My sister called Saturday morning to confirm that she has been diagnosed with cancer. It will be a couple weeks before she is able to meet with a doctor in Bismarck ND to review the CT scans and biopsy results. Now that I've talked with Melissa I will provide updates as they are available. Debbie and her husband Bill are doing quite well in the situation and will appreciate all the prayers.

It makes my concerns seem insignificant. Well at least for a while then my concerns take over my mind and I struggle to think and feel the way I know is God's desire for me. Please pray for me that I can be the support my sister needs. She lives a 5 hour drive away.

As Colleen and I go through this (joyous?) Christmas season I try to interpret the ache I feel in my heart so I can better understand God's desire for relationship with us. Please pray that Melissa will be sustained with a joyous heart, good times and good work. Please pray for Jay & Julie that their hearts and minds will be softened so that our relationship can be healed and restored.

I truly wish that all of you will be able to experience the happiness and expectation that Christmas represents. God sent Jesus to earth as a baby so we can experience the innocence of birth and the forgiveness that His sacrifice on the cross provides for each of us. Life sure has its contrasts! Joy, sorrow, forgiveness, thankfulness.

Please don't feel sorry for me. Treasure your loved ones and LET THEM KNOW IT.

Boy, I'm just about maxed out on my sadness capacity...................................Oh well tears won't hurt me.