Friday, December 30, 2011

Another day....Supper at Mr. English

Yep another day of Kaohsiung adventure!  Melissa picked us up and we went for lunch at Don Burrito on Heti Road.  A regular Friday lunch meeting so we cannot break  the 'girls lunch' even though I do..........  soft tacos, quesadillas, nachos and a GOOD TIME.

Melissa dropped us off at the MRT (no fee ATM) so we could get $$$$ and pay our rent at the Post Office, yes, here you can do banking through the Post Office too.   Later, I went for a short bike ride, bought my iced green tea, stopped for a coffee and snack at the corner bakery Chung Hua Bakery...WHY buy tea and then coffee??  to see my tea stand friends and then a bit too chilly on the bike so coffee to 'you know' "go with the snack from the bakery".

Probably Chicken Caesar salad for supper but I MIGHT go for the burger!

New Year's eve tomorrow COULD be a quiet one....a morning wedding of a friend, I have youth 8-10pm and there was some talk of watching the EDA world fireworks from Melissa's balcony....but then I hear a lot of talk that was just a discussion of ideas......

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

The last few Christmas' have been very different.  Being in Taiwan there is LOTS of Christmas promotion, decoration and music but it doesn't stop December 25th with a screeching halt like it does in Canada.  Oh, it does start to disappear but music still plays however sometimes you can also hear a Christmas song in March!  Many of the sparkly tinsel decorations are used year round so there is just less of it.  For most Taiwanese it is an 'american' holiday so work and play go on as usual

This year we helped Melissa care for an orphan baby for the weekend, went to church, had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and Christmas dinner at our Pastor's house, met some other church members and learned a new game.  We even had leftover turkey and pumpkin dessert for lunch today!!!

Now we will see what unfolds for the week....there are a few things to do at Melissa's apartment and then her(MY) IFH work list will start to be released.  It will be very different operating the guest house without actually living in the midst of it.  Much more personal privacy for her and her dogs and it gives her a  fresh perspective for the house too.

No real profound thoughts today....................

Friday, December 23, 2011

43 YEARS Wrapping Christmas presents

Just finished wrapping some Christmas presents for Melissa ..... 43 years with short fingers.  It was 43 years and one week ago that my right hand changed forever.   And of course even at 18 I WAS GOING TO WRAP MY GIFTS MYSELF.  

Wow what a lot has happened in those years!!!  Brenda Babich, then Walrath and Colleen wrote me inviting me to Aldersgate College the day of my accident.  What else is a guy gonna off to Moose Jaw I went for 3 1/2 months that have had a lifelong impact.  Little did I know it would result in a wife, 2 children, a daughter in law and 2 grandchildren.  God has kept a guiding hand in my life for many years.  MOST times it takes the wisdom of hindsight for me to realize it.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wow a MONTH since my last post and we are now 2 WEEKS into our Taiwan winter

It has been a whirlwind month.  I finished a renovation job that will pay for much of our time here.  Packed and weighed suitcases, lugged suitcases, rerouted flights, arrived in Taiwan at the time expected, settled in to a new apartment, helped Melissa settle into hers, forked out a fair bit of $$$$$, and HAVING A MARVELOUS TIME.

Now to participate in our Saskatoon and Kaohsiung worlds.