Thursday, September 24, 2009

I grieved for a while today!

Buying a birthday card and children's gift wrap didn't bring the excitement and joy it should.

I'm not sure what I grieved more: expecting to miss another of our grandson's birthdays, missing another day of relationship with our son, missing another day of relationship with Jay's wife Julie, missing another day of relationship with our granddaughter or just being grumpy.

And then the work I was going to do didn't happen so grumble, gripe, feel sad, try to NOT feel mad! Oh well, I am not on the way to the hospital nor do I have anyone in the hospital that I know of. Unfortunately one of my dear friends/relatives' father is in the last stages of cancer that was only recently discovered. Hmmm, we identify a young child without parents as an orphan; when you are in your 30's or 60's it can seem just as real!

Well I don't feel as low as I did the last half of the morning so I can now put the thoughts into words and contemplate for a few days.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I miss my mommy!

this doesn't have the same effect when I have to repost it due to IE issues!

Yep even at 59 I miss my mommy some days. Mom died in 1988 and strangely since Colleen's mom has moved here to Saskatoon I more frequently think of and miss my mother. They are not at all similar but this isn't about similarity. I even find myself wanting to drop in and visit mom after dropping Colleen at work but often she is not up and around by then.......and later she is involved in the many activities organized by the Resident's Association at her apartment. Poor me, right!

It has been a beautiful day here.....mid 20's so I was able to do the small amount of weeding in the front bed area. Now I am giving the birch tree its Fall watering.

Tomorrow is another chapter change. The PA church is having a farewell lunch and presentation for Mom after church. She has been a member there for probably 70 years! well OK maybe not quite that long but close. This is the first time she will be returning to Prince Albert and not be staying at her own home. It sold in 2 days with 2 weeks possession! Whew, 3 months ago she had just barely seen some of the apartments here!

Have a great day and weekend and week.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brief thoughts.......

God sustains me but I still have to put in the effort each day! I have had 32 years of responding to an employer's schedule and now am learning how to develop the responsibility and discipline for my own scheduling. I look forward to following your adventure!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Time FLIES, well at least keeps moving along

It seems like lurking on Facebook keeps me from reading blogs and then sharing more of the depth of my life. Hmmm.

There is certainly more opportunity to share in the surface dimensions of people's lives via FB but there is a personal depth that I prefer to share through Blogging. I think it might be because I want to unload and unwind to a smaller audience. Oh and also so it doesn't FORCE someone to join something to be able to access the info.

Having said all that the last few weeks seem to have been fairly full. Colleen's Mom's house was listed Sept 1 and sold Sept 3rd! Fantastic and yet PANIC with a Sept 15th possession date! It feels like I did that 90 mile trip every 3 days since them! Today finished the last things, I thought I had the last trip 3 times!!!) This is the end of an era! Mom has a great 2 bedroom apartment that overlooks the river and the city.

Other aspects of life continue much as they have. No contact with Jay & Julie due to Jay's "Please do not come here uninvited" [sigh] Melissa continues to do well but permanent resident status continues to elude her. It is exciting and a bit frustrating for her to wait to see what God unfolds.

Christmas is in 3 months and 10 days!! We will be heading back to Taiwan before New Years. Melissa might be here for Christmas.