Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another week another journey

Well we've been back just over 2 weeks and life seems pretty ordinary again. I'm still waiting for more that one day in a row above 10 degrees! We've finally loosened some of that 20 degree temperature drop muscle lock!

The week didn't bring many news from Jay & Julie, regular life stuff, Farmers Market, good message at church about social involvement, Colleen's Mom visiting for a day or so, Dave & Gerrie's 40th Anniversary (YEP 40!), Annual Dr exam (passed again), Tea. Life is good, well ok there are a few exceptions.........

Remember pray for your children.

Pray for you parents.

Pray for your relationships.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today we got discouraging information from Jay. It stirs such a wide range of emotions and thoughts that I don't know what to write and NOT write. Please pray for our hearts to remain soft and for an abiding peace.

I don't know what to ask for on Jay, Julie, Alex and Gaby's behalf. I guess that love will be expressed to them and opportunity for reconciliation will emerge.

Gabriella will be 1 on April 29th. Praise God for her health as she was a few weeks premature. I have seen her twice and Colleen has once. I know that many grandparents have little contact but their children usually live more than 45 minutes away. [big sigh]

Life is good even though it has pains!

I gave the lawns their spring brush cut today. Strange doing that in temperatures cooler than my winter days were. I know, suck it up. The rest of you are overjoyed it is this warm. This afternoon it was only 5 degrees colder here than Kaohsiung and now that it is their day and our night there is a 24 degree differential. Sure better than the 50 degrees in January! That's the big Celsius degrees not those itty bitty American ones!

Monday, April 20, 2009

one small photo update

Gaby waking up after her nap on Twitpic

Gaby waking from a nap. Click the photo to go to the larger image on Jay's Twitter page.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Canada seems to slow my blogging

We have been back almost 3 full days! Yeah I know it's been about 2 weeks since my last post though. Facebook carries some of the blame but I just get busy and forget that there are people I need to keep up to date.

The last week in Kaohsiung had a few hectic days as we packed things for storage at Melissa's but clothes for living and travelling. We left some clothes there for next year! Ok, no fat or thin jokes!! I keep thinking the greatest thing about the trip is that it is repeatable. I was reluctant to say this is our new plan for each year but now IT IS as long as God continues to provide guidance and freedom. If Melissa moves from Kaohsiung (no hint or plans to) then we will test that location. WE ARE BLESSED SUPREMELY to be able to be able to afford such a dramatic life change. I don't only mean afford financially but to also have family and friends that support us in this decision. We will always have a guest room for your visits!

In the midst of the angst and pain of the severed relationship with Jay & Julie God has provided this respite. Please continue to pray for our peace, strength and wisdom. And pray for Jay and Julie also. I don't know how to express it but our God KNOWS! Words cannot comfort we simply endure and ask for God's comforting presence.

I think future years we will stay and endure part of the winter because this coming back and being cold is worthy of several adjectives that are commonly used but I refrain! My body is tense from the cold, where is a good massage when you need it? Even my blood pressure is up! Or maybe it is the adjustment to the travel and time zones, hmmm.

As we have returned we have learned of another marriage that is in separation. PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL MARRIED PEOPLE YOU KNOW! Relationships are just that and MUST be worked at continually. Start right now! It requires a daily investment in each other. Sure there are times when our work, play, children or other things pressure us and make it hard to invest in someone else but we MUST every day or we WILL FAIL! Failure in marriage has so many unseen costs so please take this as encouragement not admonition. Investing in others is easy for me but I know it isn't for everybody. practise, Practise, PRACTISE.


Friday, April 03, 2009

Wild Youth Goup found in Taiwan

Well it only took 5 months for me to get to the youth program.
In 2 weeks I'll be back at Zou. Here's a few pictures from tonight.

Here the object was to capture the other teams balls while defending your own. See the hula hoops with the balls? The empty ones formed the territory boundary. My game. It didn't work as well as it does at Zou. Not enough space, too many balls, I don't really know.

This one is like password. Each team of 2 tries to guess the word written on the white board in 2 minutes. Interesting since some words given by North American leaders are TOTALLY UNKNOWN by Taiwanese kids!

Oh and they sing and listen to a message too. And you can see there's food. The kid here ate almost the whole time like only a teenager can!