Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Small Corrections in Gabriella's update

A friend of Jay's passed along his email to her. Note the father's love and pride in his words.

She is here! Gabriella Marie was born Apr 29 - 5 weeks early. She was 5lb 3oz at birth and had to stay in NICU for 2 weeks to gain some weight, hardest 2 weeks of our lives - it doesn't feel right leaving your baby at the hospital and going home without her. She left the hospital at 5lb 5oz (after losing some). She's a perfect little angel. She's up to about 6lb 5oz now. Everyone says she looks just like me (minus the facial hair of course).

Please continue to pray for God's continued strength and healing for Gabby and all of us in her life.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Gabriella Marie Wriston arrived

Gabriella was born premature but healthy. She weighed 5 pounds and spent 3 weeks in NICU. Julie's mom said she is blonde and looks just like Jay. She was able to come down and care for Alex for 2 weeks which I'm sure was a great help.

I cannot find the words to express the mix of joy and sadness. At least the 2 grandmothers got to talk a bit. Now we have different mix of peace and turmoil, argh.

There is such a mix of physical, emotional and spiritual health aspects. Please remember us, Jay, Julie, Alex, Gabby and all the others in their lives especially Julie's Mom and her husband and Ian. God will lead your prayers.