Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oops did it again-no Colleen images

Grandma doing her favourite thing!

Colleen and me Christmas dinner

Christmas 2009 a 4 Scene play

We have Christmas because God loved us so much He presented Himself as a baby who then as an adult died on a cross for those things we are not able to atone for. This is also a time for great celebrations, joy and family time. I am reminded of people that are in stages of life or that have lost loved ones that make this a painful time. Grief and loss are such personal experiences. My thoughts and prayers are for support, encouragement and good recollections to gradually fill the absence.

Scene 1
Now on the lighter side the extended Meeds family connection in Saskatoon gathered on the 23rd and of course there was food and singing.

Scene 2

Then on the 24th we celebrated Jay, Julie, Alexander and Gabriella. Chinese food, well Vietnamese actually, and some gifts for the kids.

Note the wheels big enough to be outdoors at their acreage. And the doll and carriage that are already making their way around their living room.

Yes we are also assembling the Lego tow truck

Scene 3

Then Colleen's Mom joined us for Christmas morning brunch and an evening turkey feast.

Scene 4

My Facebook friends will know that about 2 hours later I then spent some time ejecting my turkey dinner. IT WAS EXCELLENT ON THE WAY IN but as I kneeled there it was not enjoyable at all! Thankfully it only affected me and was short lived and doesn't seem to be the flu. Lay low today and I'll be ready for an Alex & Gaby sleepover tomorrow afternoon!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where do I begin.......

Only 5 days to Christmas
Wow 16 days to Kaohsiung
Relishing 1 month rebuilding relationship with Jay and Julie
Enjoyed several visits with Alexander and Gabriella
Celebrated supper with J, J, A & G
Savoured 1 sleepover with Alex and Gaby
Waiting and praying for Melissa's resident visa approval
Dreaming wildly and then using the realism brush
Thankful for a person to live in our house while we are away
Delighted in countless, I love you Grandma, I love you Grandpa
Thinking of friends who have lost loved ones this year
Praying for friends whose loss is refreshed this time of year.
Warmed by friendships new, old and refreshed
Excited by opportunities with Jay
Dreaming wildly and then using the realism brush