Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lloyd Colborne thoughts

Some of these thoughts are pondering that have been percolating for a while but brought to the surface with the Memorial Service for Lloyd Colborne. Each of his children and grandchildren had written a note to Pastor Dean so he could incorporate it into the eulogy. Unfortunately I cannot recall them. When asked why he thought God called him so directly Lloyd had said "so my family could know Him" I trust that strikes a chord with many of us!! Lloyd has 1 wife, 2 sons, 2 daughter in laws, 4 grandchildren and one grandchild, oh and a couple grandchildren in law (if there is such a label) I don't know if all have accepted Christ but I know many have! THAT'S QUITE A MARK FOR US TO HOLD BEFORE US

I know there are times I have failed my wife and children. I also know there are times I have succeeded. So how do I go from here? What do I do for Melissa? What do I do for Jay? What do I do for Julie? What do I do for Alex? What do I do for Gaby? What do I do for Colleen? What do I do for YOU? HELP ME, TELL ME. Some days I think I know, some days I find out I didn't! Some days I find out I was wrong! Some days I can't undo the wrong...........

I keep looking for answers or ways to fix my mistakes.............................some days I can't no matter how hard I try.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Keep you eyes on your fries!

Today's sermon focused on Psalm 37 concluding with thoughts on living life with expectancy. We all have expectations but that is different than living with an expectancy of what God will do in and through our lives.

Each of us have expectations of ourselves and those in our lives and fortunately for most of us these do not adversely affect relationships. I know I have expectations for my children even now that they are adults in their 30's. I also now suspect those expectations have not always been the supportive undergirding I have hoped for. Am I being hard on myself, no, just pondering.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another week of life

Some working, some playing, some helping others that bordered on play and work.

As with most weeks a mixture !

Lloyd Colborne passing at the age of 88. I have not known him well but the last several years I have known him as a prayer warrior praying consistently for leaders and regular folk daily, weekly or whatever they needed. Some in simple support and others in times of crisis or significant events.

A facebook chat with one of my aunts who is dealing with separation from her son too. We have covenanted to pray for each other's sons understanding. I think she has had more catastrophic events on her trail but that does not make the separation pain any less for either of us. I do know that we each have said we would do anything to renew the connection if we only knew what to do to bring change.

Farmer's Market was a GONG SHOW for us. I'm sure it was a very successful day for most with twice as many people as we have seen! Parking was impossible within 3 blocks or 45 minutes but I enjoyed watching people as I drove around........ Of course that meant Colleen's expectations were DASHED AND SMASHED especially after I called her cellphone 4 times and it was on silent mode, argh. Hear me fume and try to be lovingly calm? I failed! She still loves me but like was not at the top of her list.

Tomorrow is Church BBQ day and in a few weeks we will get the fall season kicked off. WOW FALL STARTUP!?

Now to finish a couple electrical jobs I'm doing and get to some houses in PA that need smoke detectors........

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Does Facebook membership displace blogging?

it sure has for me.......or maybe I am in a place where I am not as filled with words of angst. Maybe Facebook allows the brief spurts of thought and wit a release so the blog urgency takes longer to build. Kind of like being on a liquid diet!!!! HA HA

Melissa has only had moderate impact from the typhoon that has devastated many areas of Taiwan. Although she has had a few days without water due to system shutdowns. I suspect the amount of debris and silt overload filtration systems but we will never get a clear can't say systems are inadequate, can you!

I survived the 2 day yard sale at Colleen's Moms' house in PA, Wendell and Odette did a gargantuan job preparing for it. Josh and Cordell and Yvonne have helped tremendously too. We sold EVERYTHING that was ready for the decision. EVEN THE OLD DEEP FREEZE! Only the floor area of the 2 upstairs bedrooms is left. Now for a few kitchen cupboards and the can only process so much at a time and keep processing!

Oh, please keep praying for insight and open hearts and minds regarding Jay & Julie. We don't know what to do and Jay has expressly asked me to 'respect his privacy and not come there uninvited' hmmmm, argh, SIGH, whimper..............