Friday, May 29, 2009

Ah, Canadian Pizza

Hmmm Kernel corn is a staple on pizza in Taiwan. I DON'T miss it. Online ordering from Pizza 73 rocks. I don't think we will reorder the chicken melt but the Grand Slam was great!

A relaxing day of breakfast, puttering at yardwork, pruning, relocating bricks and ordering pizza. I expect Zou is doing well without me on my week off.

This has been a funeral week. Wednesday was Ken Crocker, an extended family member, Thursday was Ralph Hill, a friend, and tomorrow is David Ochitwa, a slightly more extended family member.

Life is an interesting deal isn't it?

Monday, May 25, 2009

My First Zamboni driving

Well it wasn't REALLY a Zamboni even though many call it one. I spent about 2 hours riding on a floor scrubber at church today. Not the joy riding type some of you have tried, this one has a real seat on it! It's neat how it vacuums the water before it spreads all over the floor. Yep I am easily enthralled some days.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I think I need to blog own health

We've been 'home' for a month and a half now and today is about the 5th day above 15 degrees!! We've had a colder Spring than Winter!

I've found it a particular challenge to have a good attitude. Oh, I can wear the right mask most of the time but am really conflicted with temperature effects on my muscles and the realization that I will need to work part time to afford our lifestyle of travelling. If only I had made a different pension plan choice in 2000 c'est la vie. But then we probably wouldn't have had the 2 major stock market sags since then. You know me 'the loser' HA HA , yeah right.....not really!

There are SO MANY changes.....and realizations.

I have now been away from the University for 1 year! The past year
My motivation for children and youth continues but I think the ministry activity is changing. I am being drawn toward more conversation with adults. Pray for clarity.

How to get myself motivated to do electrical contracting? It's hard to go out and even do yard work when it's mid afternoon before we get double digit temperatures! Pray for my diligence.

The last year has held TEFL correspondence classes WHEW, 5,000 km driving to Kansas and Vancouver Island YEAH, 5 months experimenting in Kaohsiung YIPPEE, NOT going to work everyday HMM, starting to learn what to do DUH, learning about each other in this new schedule HMM. Pray for our insight and wisdom.

This retirement thing is every bit as hard as many say it will be. Just ask Colleen! Pray for patience and caring.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hmmm, what to say and share

Well, I'm not as eloquent as Carla Burlando nor as creative as Heather Lu. Sometimes as inspired as Sherry Brophy but seldom as inspirational as Glenn Teal. Surely not as busy as Chris and Nevada McKenzie or Melissa! And I think I feel as tired as new mothers like Karen Robertson, Andrea Pankhurst, Andrea Hudson, Amanda Sowden and the ones I forgot........

We had another 21 degree day, I think only the 4th one since we got back a month ago. It's too bad Linda and Carrie looked for a wedding dress on that windy and COLD Saturday! I finished cultivating most of the front flower bed and dug a 14 inch deep trench to put coroplast between it and the grass to stop the quack grass invasion. It worked on the first 8 feet the last few years so this is the year to do the remainder. I think the first pieces were 24 inches deep, I'm not that energetic or committed now! 12 inches SHOULD stop the roots! Lest you think Colleen just lounged, she stained more of the fence and then cleaned her arms and feet!

We had our first barbecue this evening. I didn't even singe myself! Baked potato, salad and steak. yum yum!

Saturday I saw a young friend at the Farmer's Market, our conversation lifted my heart yet at the same time created a profound sadness at the lack of relationship with Jay and Julie. My mind is a curious thing! Please keep praying and those of you that Jay accepts as Facebook friends thank you for reaching out to him. He changed his settings so I can no longer see his page and photos, only his profile photo which currently is a REAL CUTE closeup of Alex.

The return to Saskatoon has renewed thoughts and considerations about part time work and ministry involvement. As we move though the next year our income structure and level will change dramatically so I guess I better get a couple appointments made tomorrow so those things can be settled before we return to Kaohsiung in December. WE ARE SNOWBIRDS! We sure can live less expensively in Kaohsiung than Florida or Arizona! Mind you we have to fly as long as it would take to drive to either of them!

I thank all our friends and family for your support as we have embarked on this life change. The excitement, love and support you have shared with us has been a tremendous affirmation.