Sunday, September 05, 2010

Wow it's Labour Day weekend!!!

Facebook friends will know we have survived the August hosting and wedding and regular life....................AND we had Melissa visit for 10 days!!!!  I know I make this sound like work but it wasn't and isn't.......sure we had tired days but FILLED with love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Our days have been filled with activity, busy isn't quite the right word but spending the day with 5 and 2 year old treasures is,well, a focused effort.  We love Alex & Gaby so much and treasure each moment.  Gaby is a Grandpa's girl but last week when her brother pinched her finger (innocently) in the door latch she walked right past me to Colleen for comfort.  There are lots of ordinary and SPECIAL moments in each day.

One reason Melissa came home was for Jerrod and Shefalee's wedding, Colleen's youngest sister's son.  One of my Indian friends, oh this was a full blown Indian wedding with a Hindu marriage ceremony, said "Big Fat Geek Wedding " has nothing on Indians.   "We make it so much effort they NEVER want to get married again!"  There was something every day for a week.

All the activity has meant not much contemplation time..................we are usually up by 7 am and drop the kids off by 5 or so with many days involving close to 2 hours driving time.........we get to identify almost every Dodge, Chev, Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Chevy, Mitsubishi, Ford Mustang, Dodge Ram, GMC and the occasional Audi, BMW, Saturn, Acura on the trips. Oh and bobcats, graders, steamrollers, dump trucks, semitrailers!

We are working on our Taiwan winter plans, days in Saskatoon activity and plans,  keeping in good contact with Colleen's mom here in Saskatoon as we continue through our RETIREMENT adjustments.  I finished that the University just over 2 years ago and we are beginning to appreciate how early that was!  We wouldn't trade a minute!  Life is real.  Life is good.  Life is ___________!