Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grieving ................

I just got word of a friend's passing after a long battle with cancer.   It brings sadness and tears and broken voice and happiness that her suffering is passed.  I think it brings back those little pieces of grief from all those I have lost over the years.  AND an increased understanding of my own grieving process.   God is stronger and our fullest hope is in Heaven and eternity with Him.  All our lives have a limit so we do our best to deal with it when it happens.

It hurts to be involved in people's lives and then lose them!!!  It is also a TREMENDOUS JOY.   I will continue to welcome people into my life because the pain is far less than the joy and happiness it brings.

My life will continue pretty much the same until Friday arrives and we say another farewell.  My heart aches for her young daughter as I have known her best through my youth group work.  Joyelle prayed every day for the several months my sister suffered with cancer before she died and now she is grieving the loss of her mother!  My voice quivers and my eyes weep because she is so much a part of my heart. 

I will be OK.  I have been OK through other loss and heartache so I will endure and persevere.  And after all tears and broken voices are what make us who we are.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday night means not much

I was challenged to 'woo' Colleen this week!  Not by her but by a younger friend of mine.  Why does it have to be so cold this week?  It just gives me one more excuse!

I think we will have to get ourselves reorganized as we prepare for 3 months in Taiwan and when we return.  We have had a pretty laid back, sit back summer and fall...............MOTIVATION

Oh here's a couple photos that may seem random but enjoy them.
I am managing to keep this cleared

If I remember right this is Marilyn, Barry and David with their mother Beulah
and Milford with his mother Hazel
This reminds me that this week Elizabeth showed me a 1922-23 Free Methodist Annual Report and a 1921 Treasurer's book for Saskatoon.  Neat to see the local history and the contributions from long ago

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some things DON'T get photographed

We had a 22 hour sleepover with Alex & Gaby!   playing, eating, puzzles, games, eating, stories, attempting early bedtime, waffles breakfast, cheesy noodles lunch, veggie snacks, Puke, PUKE, PUKE, clean, clean, clean, games, I'm hungry, snacks, puzzles, games.

REMEMBER  do not let a little girl with a sensitive gag reflex have stringy celery sticks!  Cough, cough and at least we were at the counter!  then wouldn't you know it big brother can't hold it back either.  AND ABOUT NOW SOME OF YOU MIGHT NOT EITHER.........one end of the counter getting covered and as the  flat Tupperware bowl gets half full......Gaby says wipe off my Grandpa's hand!  WIPE GRANDPA'S HAND!   How do you comfort one child while the other is spewing?   and then the next takes a turn?   And Grandma is trying to catch, clean and comfort!!!!!  All I can do is try to keep it all on the counter until we get a bigger bowl!    If your still reading it OK to laugh..............

A VERY MEMORABLE TIME  not all pleasant but still very memorable!

Their Dad and Auntie used to play this same board (Yogi & Boo Boo)


Who says the train needs a track!

Friday, November 19, 2010

We are booked

Flights to and from Taiwan, accommodations at IFH and I AM EXCITED.  It's a curious and almost strange feeling.   It will be 3 months of feeling at home and being away from home!  AND we get a 12 hour layover in San Francisco......midnight to noon will cut down on the activity list though.

This early retirement life has been SURREAL at times and very real as we adjust to climate and financial changes.  It was great to have July and August to be able to care for Alex & Gaby almost full time.  We are working toward developing business with Immunotec, nutritional supplements, so we have fully mobile business activity.

Well bedtime so more another time.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some photos from the last few months

This last Saturday brought creative cookie making................
 Cooperative yard work and a Fantastic Grandma moment
 And some citified off roading!

OCTOBER brought a surprise from Baba Brenda.........sharing her treasure until Gemma and Guiness return
 And snack times......we sure could see their personalities develop as we spent more days together

SEPTEMBER also had our first trip to the Haugen Clan Cabin at Nemeiben Lake, I call it Wendell's even though that would be wwwrrrrong.  I contributed a bubble machine.  It will be there in the Spring.
 I enjoyed helping with the seasonal closing.  Oh for a winch........and warmth.

AUGUST was Melissa's visit, Jerrod & Shefalee's Wedding
Daily time with Alex & Gaby...the one parade day was rainy but we had a great time anyway.  Colleen DIDN'T get run over by the parade......

And Melissa's last day we got a quick photo!   We are still cautiously working on rebuilding the connection.

November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day, Veteran's Day, Colleen's Birthday  It is interesting how each passing year the balance of these three labels changes. 

Even though this is Colleen's 60th this is probably the least celebrated year for quite some time.  I can remember the 'younger' years when we would have so many people we might have TWO Angel food birthday cakes and about 20 cone cakes!  Today Colleen has received several phone calls.  THANKS TO EACH OF YOU.

My awareness of the meaning behind today; remembering our lost soldiers and honouring those still with us increases with each year.  Maybe THAT has to with being over 50 or 55..........and the perspective that comes with it.  Maybe it is also with recent and visible wars that remind us that it is our VERY young men and women that are standing up for us and our freedoms.  And I think the media is doing a better job of reminding us as well (of course they are also selling air time).  I think we are now past the less public and hushed Korean and Vietnam wars even though there is still controversy.  Bravery and service in the face of destruction and evil or peace deserves our homage. 

I know I'll miss some but THANK YOU...Dad, Gene, Bill, Fred, Eddie, Dean, Larry H, and Larry N, David M, David W, Darcy and Kristina .