Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hmm, what to say............

sitting here BORED by the Olympics coverage, looking out the window waiting to got to the Forestry Farm with out church youth this evening.

The last few weeks I have had a few opportunities to ponder and explain my skill with kids.
The core is that as parents, grandparents and others we are in the business of helping kids become healthy productive adults. This is shaped around their ability, pace and capability. Flexibility, adaptability, patience, calmness, kindness all play a part. It is NOT easy to have what is needed at each moment for each child or adult for that matter.

My main method is to use edifying words and actions; redirection rather than direction and FUN. I am not always successful.

Most kids, just like adults, are simply looking for ways to be recognized, gain attention and feel good about themselves. I try to do my part.

Fun is water balloons with water or air.......water pistols (or squirters) small and large, paper plates as frisbees, run there, run back, sit very quiet, yell very loud ANYTHING TO KEEP THEIR MINDS DEVELOPING and active enough to not get bored and do the THINGS they should not do.

But remember FUN and LOVE