Thursday, July 21, 2011


I just reviewd the last several posts...well actually back to some of the initial posts 4 YEARS ago.
Melissa's cancer reports are ALL CLEAR.  The melanoma on her shoulder was removed successfully And the followup tests have been all clear.  Another followup test in 3 and 6 months.

Oh and Melissa has a few days off next week so THREE DAYS IN BALI..........SHE NEEDS THE RELAXATION.  The accommodations seem inexpensive and fantastic.

Alex and Gaby are coming for overnight tomorrow!!!!!!  We might not be quite as adventurous this week as last Saturday..........Colleen took Gaby for the departure bathroom trip and  the poor little girl's lips quivered because she didn't want to 'just do nothing' at home................ I'm sure it isn't THAT boring at home  OR fun at Grandma and Grandpa's !!  Alex has a BD party so she'll get her 'alone' time this week.

WE ARE BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Kids, Grandkids, a house, beautiful skies, Central Air for summer, and Central heat for winter, good health (most of the time), great family, fantastic friends, a safe country, freedom to relax and freedom to travel(as long as we earn enough extra money and don't waste too much.

Another month and Another Birthday

I have had lots of thoughts and "I should blog this" and some thoughts just not clear enough to share.  However as much time as I spend at my computer my Blogthoughts are generally in my quieter times or in transit from home to youth activities or to that tiny bit or WORK I do

I got to CELEBRATE my 61st Birthday with my grandchildren! 
I had to go through that tunnel 3 TIMES in order to get all three of us in the photo you don't see.

And then we played in the backyard pool.  The action in the middle is Colleen not knowing I was already recording.   THIS is one way I stay YOUNG..............