Saturday, February 23, 2008

Relief, excitement, anticipation, sadness, trust

Change brings so many things. All that has really changed this week is more people know I will be leaving the University after almost 32 years. Now I can start closing things off and moving on. I am relieved. I have moments with a twinge of sadness. I have subdued excitement.

Life is GOOD. My sister's life could be better. The treatments have been hard on her she's back to 91 pounds. She is feeling stronger than a few weeks ago though. Please continue to pray for her and Bill's continued strength.

Melissa is doing well. She's visiting friends and family in Taipei this weekend. Yeah sounds unreal but she lives in Taiwan.

We're still praying for Jay & Julie to experience God's healing so they can see a way to renew relationship with us.

Colleen's knee is getting better. Now to see how much longer before she can return to work.

The Announcement is out

As part of the ongoing integration of telephone technology and services with network technology and services, Steve Wriston will be leaving CNS this spring. The position of Telephone Services Manager will not be refilled. The remaining responsibilities will be assigned to others in the CNS team as appropriate.

Steve’s official last day will be June 30, however his last day will likely be earlier than that.

I would like to personally thank Steve for his work and dedication during his many years of service at the University. I wish him well in his future endeavours.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've received my Layoff Notice

This is not as devastating as it would be for some. God is in control! I'm trying to listen to His direction, not as easy as it maybe should be. This is a strange mix of priorities and considerations.

I have details on severance compensation so now to decide on the best treatment to give CRA its fair share and keep my fair share.

Please pray for Colleen's strength and endurance as I make these changes.

Thank you for your continued prayers for my sister. Deb has been home for a day or so after about 10 days in hospital for her lung to heal and strengthen. She goes back to Minot for chemo on Friday.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Semi retired, not really YET

I'm sitting here testing semiretirement for the weekend. Wake when I feel like it 7:30! Stay in bed napping, soak in the Jacuzzi, sausage gravy biscuits and eggs for breakfast at 10 or so........ [sausage gravy is my American heritage screaming]. we will eventually get to a few grocery and other errands today.

Now to gather enough details in the next 3-5 days to get perspective for the first decisions in this CHANGE in life. This is the first time in 32 years and maybe 35 that I haven't seen ongoing monthly paychecks. Wow! There is 2 years income still to come but now we're vulnerable to our own planning and discipline! Scared for us? God will provide wisdom and resources but we have had so much support with predictability that the change in expectation is a real challenge at least for me.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Ahh sweet relief

Well the BIG meeting was only a big meeting. I can at least start to work with an idea of a tentative last work day and some vacation and then seeing how God assembles the rest.

Sorry best to not blog the specifics just yet as they aren't finalized. There is a definite release of tension. Now if my sister's cancer continues to regress and we could restore our relationship with Jay & Julie life would be so glorious. Oh and if Colleen's knee would heal. The list of trials is far from empty but GOD IS GOOD.

Hasta luego.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wow what a week

I thought my week had challenges, which it did, until I talked with Bill and found out Deb has been in hospital since Thursday except for a trip to Crosby and back in record time.

Deb needed extra time for platlets before her IV port surgery Thursday so was in hospital for an extra day. Then when they inserted the port on Friday apparently the surgeon unknowingly nicked the sack around her lung and it collapsed before she could get back to the hospital. Fortunately Bill has some collapsed lung experience so he was able to coach her. There is a LOT more to the tale but not suitable for blogging.

The current plan is that Deb will be in hospital in Minot until Monday afternoon. Please pray for the skill and wisdom of those providing care to Deb; patience, wisdom and strength for Deb and Bill.

Colleen's knee continues to heal with the help of physiotherapy and the marvels of the body that God designed.

Oh I have a meeting coming up this week at work with HR which may help the past year's uncertainties to begin to take shape. Please pray for my wisdom.