Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Alexander Raymond Wriston is a real charmer!

According to his hairdresser!
Yep Colleen has the same hairdresser as J, J & A. They were in a couple weeks ago and he is the only 2 year old that will sit for a haircut. Just that big charming smile!

Nice to hear, but also hard to only hear.

May God provide happiness and peace for all of you today.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I found the musically talented me!

Well actually my namesake. Meet another Steven Wriston at He's about 12 years younger than me. We are probably related through our great, great grandfathers but may not be able to confirm it because people just didn't track those things 125 years ago.

Interesting and exciting that we are both involved in active church ministry. I'll get to know him a bit over the next few months.

People who touched my life today, maybe I touched theirs

God, Colleen, Melissa, Ernest, Katherine, Kyle and Robin, Gerry, Erma, Madeline, Deb, Lorraine, Russ, Quentin, Mobey, 12 2 & 3 year olds, Dave, Lois, James, Erica, Madeline,Karen, Jim, Laura Lee, Danielle, Carter, Paige, Robyn, Easton, Jackson, Quinn, Colin, Graeme, Justice, Dallas, Christian, Simon, Mitchell, Travis, Megan, Mac, Aidan, Joel, Mike, Gord, Vanessa, Dean, Sharaya, Dwight, our server at Tomas the Cook, the cook, the cashier, Sobey's staff.

A couple conversation interpretations:
Sometimes we need to set aside our experience and expertise so we can enjoy what is here and available to us.

We can keep trying every day. Some days one try is enough and some days need many try agains.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

This one's for Linda (and other friends)

Tonight was Pastor Dean's first message at Lakeview since April. He is doing well and is on a long journey of healing to renew physical and spiritual health.

There have been many painful events in our collective lives in the last year or so but I challenge each of you to instead think of the good things and PRAISE GOD. He holds each of us more dearly than we can imagine.

Those painful times are hard. When the pain subsides I am able to hear God helping me learn. On stronger days I can hear God's comforting words in the midst of the pain. I am so fortunate that my pain is not physical even though the anguish or turmoil doesn't seem much less or easier.

Food for thought.....just saw a TV show with a gay man asking "How can it be a sin if God made me this way?" I'm not sure that I agree with that. I believe God only makes a person heterosexual. But that doesn't help me understand the physical reality of birth defects of whatever type or nature.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wow has it only been a week

This week I have been encouraged by all of you. Thank you for your prayers and the interest you take in my and Colleen's lives.

The update is that getting into Pearson Airport at midnight and then getting a taxi to the hotel and up in time to be at an 8:30 meeting leaves me tired. Then adding 1 1/2 days of intensive document studying and thinking and another night of poor sleep results in Colleen getting a night of me snoring!

Life is good. Friends, good church stuff, Jesus in my heart, a wife who loves me and is my companion, a fantastic, adventurous daughter. Oh and Easton thought Power Hour was good this week.

Life is real. Work uncertainty continues for a few more weeks, relationship with Jay, Julie & Alex, my diligence and integrity, Pastor Dean's return message.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another week, another post, another challenge!

Yesterday it looked like I didn't have any boys in my small group so I was ready to just hang out for a bit and then go visit with adults. But Easton wasn't sure he wanted to stay so he and I just chatted a bit and then joined in during Large Group time. Good thing because one of my favourite guys, Vincent, got there a bit late and he was waiting for us in the Theatre.

Easton felt Power Hour was boring. It was probably just that his brother wasn't there. Although he did figure he could learn about people in the Bible and how Jesus wants to live in his heart by listening to his Mom & Dad and reading his Bible. WOW INSIGHTFUL FOR GRADE 1. Mom & Dad, he needs help finding his Bible.

Its a good thing I had them and Colleen to encourage me yesterday because today I scheduled a Nov 9th meeting to discuss the future of my role at work. Here comes reassignment or early retirement. Much of me isn't stressed, but the tension in my temples, jaws and shoulders tell the truth.

Good thing I get to go to Mississauga and deal with Church Doctrine Friday and Saturday. It will help me refocus on God's provision and grace.

Anybody want to trade places for a couple weeks?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Not so Random thoughts

I've been thinking about the impact of various things on our lives. Yeah family love and all the things I am thankful for but also our responsibility and effect on things eternal. No I'm not sick or anything just pondering my Christian response to a variety of things I have trouble agreeing with.

Adam Beach commented this morning "This is my faith I am dealing with". Hmmm, that's true. So all the other stuff needs to be in the context of my faith walk. So as I am concerned about various artist bookings in our church auditorium "sanctuary" is that about my faith or is it something else. I'm sorting that out.

What should my response be as an ambassador for Christ? As I wait on developments with my job, work with children and youth? My daily reading?

Well just sharing some of my processing. Results are pending.

So as each of us are wondering about things we MUST make sure we are attending to our spiritual wellbeing. And remember to be honest and diligent.