Sunday, September 30, 2007


1 week to Thanksgiving, unless you live in the USA

4 1/2 weeks to November.

3 months to 2008!

Happy now?

Well ordinary life isn't that boring

We've been back from our Minneapolis escape for almost 2 weeks now.

let's see:
reshingled the roof with the help of friends and family, well family that are friends,
worked, although reshingling was REAL WORK,
got another season of ZOU underway, Jr Hi kids are great
Public meetings with church Board,
struggled with some concerts booked at the church, Matthew Good, Tegan and Sara, Kalan Porter,

So how do you respond appropriately to events you can't influence yet present a very public perception? How do you deal with the incompatibility of an artist's public performance and church views? Your personal views? Bad administrative decisions? (in my humble opinion)

learned of a former Pastor relocating to Spokane,
prayed for friends,
Colleen's Mom's 84th birthday
attended Anna Miller's memorial service, she was 94
reconnected with Gerry & Sharron and Kori after 15 years. He was 60 this year! I'm getting older,
Dinner at John's Prime Rib.

Yep, regular life is simple. yeah right.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Me and my cousin Theresa and her daughter Whitney

And more walking and sightseeing

this was across the river from Downtown Minneapolis near the St. Anthony Falls.

And on the bridge on our return trek.
This was in one of the buildings connected by the Skywalk system. It flowed from the top down
2 floors to this bubbling basin below. Pretty cool and not much splashing.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Minneapolis day 2 and night 3

Too old and tired to give all the details. Covered way too many miles on foot today. AND had computer issues so details took a few days.

here are some of the walking pictures

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Minneapolis night 2

Just for those that thought we were old and tired ----

Pretty hard to tell those are taillights from a car. No I'm not sitting on the street it is suspended from the ceiling over the bar.

The steak I had was great and the smashed potatoes had a merlot gravy (absolutely stunningly delicious). Colleen had a BIG pork chop that was delicious too.

Then we walked the 8 or so blocks back to the hotel. stopped past the Panera Bakery for some Sunday morning brkfst treats.

Minneapolis day 1

We were going to Hell's Kitchen for breakfast but the 1 1/2 hour wait was a bit too long so we ate at the News Room. Colleen took these photos.
I'm not sure what the mermaid is holding.

Then we did some sight seeing.......

at Walgreen's, Macy's and Target

Friday, September 07, 2007

Minneapolis night 1

Well after a 3 hour departure delay we have had a good supper.

We met a couple old friends on the plane, well not that old, Chris who used to work with Campus Crusade and Ray Mieklejohn.
Take a look at the room, well actually suite at the Best Western Normandy Inn.