Thursday, August 30, 2007

Steve is Canadian too

Well between 3&4 pm today I was one of 88 people that pledged allegiance to Canada and Queen Elizabeth to become Canadian citizens. We had camera issues so here I am receiving my congratulations. The formal pose flopped. I could have at least looked at Colleen.

Now I wonder how many days before I get letters and calls from every politician. That may be the only time I shake hands with 2 RCMP officers too. I've seen a few through the driver's window.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Storms around the world

Well right now there is Super Typhoon Sepat that is larger than Taiwan getting ready to go past Melissa's house. Lots of rain and wind.

And we have had Severe Thunderstorm warnings and rainfall warnings most of the evening and through the night. Lots of rain.

It's neat to chat with Melissa and compare weather.

Changes at Lakeview Church

A few people will know and others will find out on Sunday that 2 staff members have resigned. Please pray for me and others as we meet Saturday morning to discuss near term plans and actions. I trust we will also be able to see a path to restoration.

As you can guess there is much more to this than I am telling and much more than I know. Please be praying for all those directly and indirectly involved and affected.

God WILL be glorified in all things. The muddy tracks are often so visible we cannot see God's hand. Please pray for insight and wisdom.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Melissa's on her way home

Yep Kaohsiung is home.

We had a nice last day, lunch at Eastside Mario's and a 4:30 flight. It never gets easier to say bye. Certainly gets different with 5 1/2 years of practise and maybe not as hard, but not easy. She'll get home Thursday morning or our Wednesday night. When she crosses the International Date Line she will have had about 5 hours of the 15th and then it will be the 16th!

It was GREAT visit. It had some low points with Jay & Julie, but so many other wonderful times were had with a WIDE variety of family and friends. Melissa even got to attend the Satellite Willow Creek Leadership Summit at Lakeview. Visits with friends and family in Saskatoon, Regina, PA, Arlington Beach. Visitors were in Saskatoon at the same time from Belfast, Moose Jaw, Ontario, Australia, B.C.. Melissa got several good visits with Parker & Shawna, The Tea Ladies, and a couple old roommates. Why at the airport she even met someone she knew returning to Kaohsiung on the same flight!

Well the saga continues, these farewells are so physically draining......................nap time.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


I've been part of the prayer team for the Summit and this afternoon as we met the others prayed for healing of my foot and ankle which has been bothering me for about 6 weeks. As the afternoon progressed I have had less stiffness and pain. Hallelujah!

Some stiffness remains, but most of the sharp pain is gone. Now I only have to get used to my new orthotic inserts and the big toenail that I folded back yesterday doing Summit furniture setup. I haven't noticed the toe hurting much, but now that my foot and leg don't hurt I may be able to nice the toe! Well that's better than many get to deal with. A friend's mother, Anna Miller, passed away this past week and another long time friend, Lucille Francis, passed away this last week too.

Please continue to pray for those in your lives and around who need to feel encouragement and strength.

Another week another Saga

Well Life sure continues!

Last week we had the Christian wedding for Heather and Vincent, they were married in a civil ceremony in Taipei a year ago. It was beautiful day at the Berry Barn and a nice reception at the Bessborough Terrace Room.

A pretty uneventful long weekend, but we did get in another family gathering with various visiting families. Which reminds me of the quick visit we got with Milford, Ruby and their daughter Alana a few Sundays ago. They're living in Colorado Springs and she and her husband live in San Diego.

This week Lakeview church is one of the satellite sites for the Willow Creek Leadership Summit, Colleen and I are up at 5:30 each morning! the price of satellite feed from Chicago! Sure glad I don't live farther west.