Friday, April 30, 2010

Another week, oops 10 days.........

hmm managed to break my cellphone display which prompted Melissa to go ahead and get her Blackberry and now I'm using her old phone... I AM ADDICTED TO COMMUNICATION CAPABILITY. I don't use it all the time but GOTTA HAVE THE CAPABILITY!

I'm gonna check Computer Street tomorrow while Colleen and Melissa are at Women's retreat maybe I can get a good deal on a phone (BB), maybe not. I DO need to exchange a computer cable. Living in 2 different cellphone worlds, 3 if you count USA, has its implications and costs. ADDICTIONS ...................... Necessities ................. desires! Hmm, maybe my Electrical work simply funds my toys .................. and travels!

In three weeks we are home and looking at the Victoria Day long weekend, wait every weekend is a long weekend for us! So I guess we use some of the rest of the world's language even if we don't need it. Like the Tomb Sweeping holiday a few weeks ago that we obviously did not participate in. AND neither did a lot of other people judging by some of the crowds!

Well some plans are starting to take shape Gaby's 2nd BD yesterday, Crosby ND around July 18, Jerrod & Shefalee's wedding Aug 21, Alex's 5th BD Sept 27th, oops Melissa's in there, oh and mine too!

Well, that's enough excitement for now...................later

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

hmm, catching up

Wow this year compared to last year. Lingering on Facebook and making comments leaves non FBers uninformed. It has also changed the depth of my postings.

I haven't had the same angst in my thoughts but the contemplation times have certainly presented themselves. I have seen God in every aspect and dimension of our time here this year. Our new normal begins to take shape. University work is now almost 2 years history, expectation of developing our relationship with Jay & Julie replaces last year's uncertainty. The anticipation of Alex and Gaby's smiles and times together create such a joyful feeling. My extended time working with the youth group here will create a sadness that will be offset by rejoining Lakeview's youth program. We start to think about the return time for next year, maybe mid December to mid April which starts us on an alternating Christmas/Easter pattern. Did you know Easter 2012 is April 8th? 2011 is April 24th, I think.

Sliding back into our Canadian normal is only a month away! Family, friends, lawns, food they way we have always had it, being able to read ALL the signs, well most of them. We are TOTALLY comfortable here but there is the language effort that we feel at times. The natural comfort of home language and environment will bring a different type of relaxation even IF I have to get back to my Contracting work.

Oh here are some photos from the last week or so.

On our way to Sun Moon Lake. The typhoon damage also means we had a paved detour into the river bed below. Quite amazing.

View from our place near CingJing Farm, a lot with a Bavarian style...... Boy talk about switchbacks and quick turnarounds "oops that was our turn!"

Yes, on a mountain just an 8 minute walk from our hotel.

Melissa LOVES Starbucks as long as they have soymilk.....................
We also stopped in a small city Jiji that has a train history. Note the windmill, it reminds me of Kenmare ND

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wow, changes here!

The youth pastor and his family are returning to the United States in June so that will make next year different. 2 of Melissa's friends may take over leadership while having a baby in July and going to Seminary full time in September, Oh to be 30 again......... But here, I'm still having a great time helping with youth; there were 30 kids last night! I'll bring a couple new games back.

Melissa is the production manager for a dinner theatre so I am a volunteer set builder. It should be fun finding some new material sources YEAY. And building the sets and props too.

Wow it looks like 4 1/2 weeks to departure. Next weekend has Sun Moon Lake and CingJing Farm on the agenda. Ladies retreat April 30 and May 1. I may go snorkeling with friends while M&C retreat. Dinner Theater May 15th.

Ah,Life in the retired lane..........................

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Easter

Well one week earlier than last year and half a world away. We had 3 baptisms at church this Easter Sunday.

Saturday we went to Dream Mall with our 3 Australian guests and after dinner at TGIFriday's we went up on the roof and rode the ferris wheel. Melissa hasn't been on the Ferris Wheel yet!!

and my characteristic self photo that makes it look like I am in PAIN.