Tuesday, July 15, 2008

57 years used up!

Yep, older and maybe wiser......................................
not many clear thoughts tonight, many rambling and wandering thoughts. The 2 correspondence classes keep my mind fully occupied.

Tomorrow to PA for the day and this weekend to Crosby for a shared birthday celebration. My sister's death has created some new connections.

In 3 weeks and we will be in Vancouver picking up Melissa and heading to Qualicum Beach for a wedding.

Life is GOOD. Sure there are some aspects that have angst but when 2 people our age and stage can be seriously looking at living overseas for 5 months (by choice) how can things be bad?

Hang in everybody! Write often.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Another week of studying Teaching English as a Foreign Language, finally into it far enough that it is generating interest rather than drawing on discipline. The grammatical terminology I've forgotten far outweighs what I remember. I'm on track to be ready for a break the first week of August and then 2 exams on August 16th. Please be praying for my diligence.

It may be mid August before I get back into my regular email pattern. All is reasonably well. We'll see Melissa about August 6th and bring her back from BC for a couple week's visit. Then she will go back to Kaohsiung to prepare for our November arrival.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ordinary life, if there is such a thing

We had a quick trip to PA today to visit Colleen's Mom after she hurt her ear needing 9 stitches, some would say more stitches would leave a smaller scar. Time will tell.

This week is study, have coffee with a friend or 2 or 3, celebrate a friend's 60th birthday.

And try to catch up on some emails and small tasks around the house.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Still around and dealing with life

Well we are back from our 19 day, 5,800 km road trip. Rested. Colleen goes back to work tomorrow and I continue with my 2 University courses. I expect to load some pictures here and on Facebook in the next few days.

The weather has been and is expected to be wonderful for the next several days. I might even get some yard work done in my study breaks.