Sunday, April 29, 2007

God's blessings and banquet

Well this week didn't feel as daunting as some of the recent ones.

We have completed our Power Hour series on God's blessings and Pastor Brad finished the OMG series talking about the similarity the range of food at a banquet has to God's plan for us, comparing vegetables to the teaching and red meat, potatoes and desserts to the bountiful blessings from God. I'm sure glad I have been getting a little bit of dessert in the midst of this high fibre vegetable diet of the last 4 months!

God continues to bless me with good health and a steady income a loving wife that can cook very well. And I got the water feature tidy and running this afternoon so that satisfaction and marvel is one of my Sabbath moments today.

Yes, I am getting emotionally worn by events but continue to trust God's timing and leading. As each of you go through your day clearly identify and acknowledge God's handiwork and blessings around you. Please remember the facts and do not be misguided by your doubts or fears.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

a week of blessings

This month we are talking about blessings in Power Hour and I have had a week where some moments it was difficult to remember the blessings because the details were so tough to deal with.
But then I remember I have had a secure, well paying job for more than 30 years.
I have a loving wife.
I can chat with my daughter in Taiwan 2 times almost every day.
I am healthy, well pretty healthy for a sedentary guy like me.
I get to read aboutDarren and Shona's new family as it takes shape in Kyiv.
Last night we got to meet a marvelous young woman who has suffered great physical trauma due to a gasoline fire injury 7 years ago and she has been able to see how good God is as she has experienced the losses, healing, help from others and God's support.

God is SO good if we are patient enough to see His support through others. And his provision for our needs in so many ways that we cannot even imagine.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

just showing I'm still here and thinking

just living regular life.

God loves me, my wife loves me and likes me most of the time, I love my kids, daughter in law and grandson.

Life could be better, but is still REAL GOOD.

I have a friend who is going to National Institute for Health in Maryland for another assessment for LAM. Please pray for Lois and remember to pray for those you know who are in need of any type of support or encouragement. Take the challenge!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday 2007

After a morning at church celebrating Jesus' resurrection we gathered at Nickel's for family food, fun and fellowhsip.

Sabrina and Darren posing

Sabrina chowing down !!!
Lecia and Libby, Jude, Jessica, Misha

Surveying the spoils

Sabrina AGAIN ! She was everywhere! Nice smile from Owen's Nana.
Owen Honking and beeping Uncle Steve

Lecia's cupcakes were the visual hit!! See all the desserts?


Not more can be said. Jesus is the central figure of the world!

Today marks the celebration of Jesus conquering the grip of sin in peoples's lives. We are still subject to sin, but the penalty for sin has been paid in full. We still have the earthly consequence of our actions against people but the signal from God is love and total forgiveness.

If this is not clear for you please explore this question with me or another Christian influence in your life.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

an introspective week --sort of---Palm Sunday should be

Interesting how blogging has started to create a feeling of obligation to post frequently. Now to the title..........

Well not totally introspective, but maybe a bit more than usual. This week had a lot of the same old day in day out things the way all of us do. Well, not many would be part of bowling with 73 Grade 6-8 kids and then 35 K-5 kids. Yep I was tired.

On Tuesday one of our Alpha group members didn't attend because she slid back in to some old habits for a few days. Her habit just happens to be more visible to those around her than mine and probably those of anyone reading this. Many times in the last few weeks I have seen various sayings about each failure being the stepping stone for the next success or that success is built on failures. Not so easily done or felt.

Palm Sunday--talk about a time to revisit purpose and actions! As we were singing worship songs this morning I realized I have been too busy with various dimensions and concerns of my life to allow God to speak to me and support me.

As you read this please pray for someone in your life that looks like they are managing everything. We probably are only 2 or 3 bad days away from collapse. Maybe more, but maybe not.

Use this week to refresh your vision of God and Jesus' role in your life. Attend a Good Friday service and then the celebration of His resurrection on Sunday.