Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This is COOL- no text needed

November 24, 2009

Building relationships

I have been giving relationships a LOT of thought this past week. Relationships with other volunteers, other Christians, other family members near and far, past and present and immediate and extended.

The last few years I have finally realized the relationship I have had with my son was substantially flawed. So much so that it has taken virtually 2 years of almost no contact between us for him to feel we can begin to rebuild. What did I do wrong? Did he do anything wrong? Did anybody DO anything WRONG. What I am evaluating as a conclusion is that in most relationships NOBODY intends to do wrong but still does. Since wrong is often in the perception of the offended then in reality it is very easy for each person to wrong the other person and not even know it. And to complicate it the offense is so obvious to the offended that it is almost impossible to think the offender wasn't deliberate. And thus it grows and compounds.

Okay, that is a bit deep, convoluted and perhaps even confusing.

Bottom line....be loving, be careful, be cautious, be caring, make sure you are understood as caring, be understanding, be slow to be offended.

Middle line.....if you are offended, discuss it with the offender, work with the offender, try to understand your reaction.

Top line.....Life is long for most of us, relationships make it worthwhile and enjoyable.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


The last time I started my post this way it was the day after my sister died. Well today is much happier. Jay came by for a couple hours with Alex & Gaby.
My HEART IS FULL. Thanks, Jay! Today is the first of many more joyous and happy times.

Colleen was behind the camera!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ponderings and Expressions

Yesterday we learned of a friend's mother passing away. Colleen noted that this is the second person who has died whose spouse we saw at a funeral 2 weeks ago. [now don't get paranoid] Ron Bader died from injuries in a fall and Delia Rodine-Alexander has passed after a number of years of declining health. Both are now rejoicing in Heaven while those of us here deal with missing them yet comforted by the eternal hope.

Where is your spiritual home? I am not only thinking of Heaven but also where you feel your spiritual roots are set. Mine is the Lakeview congregation. I guess since almost ALL adult life has been here it is no surprise.

This week I was thinking about the various ups, downs, highs, lows, mountains and valleys we have seen at Lakeview over the years. I wondered which of these helped people build a spiritual root and which stunted, ripped out or killed those roots. I believe it is very easy to forget we, the church, have a spiritual responsibility to each other. It is very easy to be self focused. After all, God created us with a self preservation dimension. Now to try to display some of His selfless love..................

Monday, November 02, 2009

November Ponderings

Today I asked myself if I live on the edge just beside depression. I know from some friends and family how much of a challenge and struggle it is and I don't have THAT degree of challenge. I wonder how many people are living close to the edge fearing depression but actually are in a real tough season in life. And sure some are in a very long season................

One year ago we were days away from our Taiwan winter adventure and we have 8 more weeks of Saskatchewan winter before our planned departure. Some Birks work and some Electrical Contacting work will finish our cold days for this year.

Oh, how do I complain about my Mother-in-law's driving without getting in trouble or giving too much detail? Too late probably in trouble. Well not with some people but I am trying to reason if she is a risk to herself and others or just to our sanity!

She did manage to get drive from her apartment in Saskatoon to a friends funeral in PA! The challenge was getting back through Saskatoon to her apartment. I CANNOT figure how she gets to where she does in Saskatoon and am not patient enough to ask enough of the right questions to figure it out. She managed to get on BOTH sides of the river at least TWICE on the way home and ended up at our house! ARGH.

Well at least it takes our minds off the lack of communication with Jay & Julie. I ache for the relationship to return. or even begin to be something............I wish I could get a hint of what to do...........