Friday, November 22, 2013

Life's small details

Today we picked up Alex and Gaby at school for a sleepover.  The pickup took a bit longer since NOBODY told Grandma or Grandpa that we needed to go IN to pick up Gaby in her kindergarten class.......not a biggy just a few minutes but it sure was cold outside.  Alex isn't MR Speedy either.   School is just too much fun.

On the way to Jay's jobsite the radio was playing and both kids were singing along UNTIL one of the songs used a 'questionable' word......that ALEX quickly identified.  After some discussion about female dogs and word choices Gaby said it was not APPROPRIATE.....Jay and Julie sure work on expanding vocabulary!!

THEN as we were approaching where Jay was working today we saw a damaged car in a driveway.  Alex says " WHAT happened to that Mitsubishi?"   YEAH not car but BRAND name!!

We have a fun day ahead..........................

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