Friday, December 30, 2011

Another day....Supper at Mr. English

Yep another day of Kaohsiung adventure!  Melissa picked us up and we went for lunch at Don Burrito on Heti Road.  A regular Friday lunch meeting so we cannot break  the 'girls lunch' even though I do..........  soft tacos, quesadillas, nachos and a GOOD TIME.

Melissa dropped us off at the MRT (no fee ATM) so we could get $$$$ and pay our rent at the Post Office, yes, here you can do banking through the Post Office too.   Later, I went for a short bike ride, bought my iced green tea, stopped for a coffee and snack at the corner bakery Chung Hua Bakery...WHY buy tea and then coffee??  to see my tea stand friends and then a bit too chilly on the bike so coffee to 'you know' "go with the snack from the bakery".

Probably Chicken Caesar salad for supper but I MIGHT go for the burger!

New Year's eve tomorrow COULD be a quiet one....a morning wedding of a friend, I have youth 8-10pm and there was some talk of watching the EDA world fireworks from Melissa's balcony....but then I hear a lot of talk that was just a discussion of ideas......

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