Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

The last few Christmas' have been very different.  Being in Taiwan there is LOTS of Christmas promotion, decoration and music but it doesn't stop December 25th with a screeching halt like it does in Canada.  Oh, it does start to disappear but music still plays however sometimes you can also hear a Christmas song in March!  Many of the sparkly tinsel decorations are used year round so there is just less of it.  For most Taiwanese it is an 'american' holiday so work and play go on as usual

This year we helped Melissa care for an orphan baby for the weekend, went to church, had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and Christmas dinner at our Pastor's house, met some other church members and learned a new game.  We even had leftover turkey and pumpkin dessert for lunch today!!!

Now we will see what unfolds for the week....there are a few things to do at Melissa's apartment and then her(MY) IFH work list will start to be released.  It will be very different operating the guest house without actually living in the midst of it.  Much more personal privacy for her and her dogs and it gives her a  fresh perspective for the house too.

No real profound thoughts today....................

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