Thursday, April 05, 2012

Another week, uh month, more discoveries

Hmm, Facebook has most of my 'life goings on'.

Pleasure in some of the simpler and yet also complex things of life.

Yesterday I rode my bike to 'find' a shop that has the special roller for under the patio screen door...NOT so easy in Saskatoon and even more complicated when in a country that replaces as often as it repairs ADD TO THAT MY LACK OF MANDARIN!!! and the landlord joyfully reimbursed me the cost of the rollers!!!!

The day before we had air conditioners installed in the two bedrooms and as they went to change the electrical receptacle in the second bedroom THE BOX HAD NO WIRES...............maybe since original construction!  So today a worker came to see if he could get a connection to the main electrical box for the apartment...he was successful in MUCH LESS time than I thought it would take but then in the process of checking something the screen from the window was moved and PLUMMETED 10 floors so then he spent about an hour repairing it......only pride was injured.   NOW an electrician will come and install wires and hopefully an appropriate plug OR I'll be calling the AC installer..............AHHH life in an apartment.

We got to SKYPE with Alex and Gaby Monday morning, their Sunday night, SUPER COOL.  We will be back in Saskatoon in 2 weeks.  Ready to run or recover and get going.   I have a couple electrical jobs lined up and then we will see what else. AND GRANDKIDS AND OTHERS TO VISIT.  We get back Thursday night and I am hoping to show up to help clean church floors Friday morning.  Then ZOU Friday night....I might be expecting too much resilience on my part.........

Now to start planning for repair or a replacement Central Vac in Saskatoon.

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