Monday, May 21, 2012

Ahhh, semi-retired life............

We've been home from our Taiwan home for a month now.  I am certainly in the semi part of the semi-retired!  This might be the working summer!  But as quick as I say that I remember in THREE Days I will be in Banff AB............meeting Andy Chan from Taiwan.  His first visit to Canada, my first Hostel stay.  Well except Melissa's Guest House.  Also my first visit to the Columbia Icefields!  This is my reciprocal for the Yen Shuei fireworks this winter.

I'm feeling a bit of the pressure of some work, some planning, some life, mother-in-law, to fit it all in and perform as each deserves.   BUT HALLELUJAH, I DO NOT HAVE ANY HEALTH CONCERNS.  It was a year ago Melissa discovered she had skin cancer.  Full successful treatment and once her doctor gets back to Koahsiung she will have her full blown one year checkup...  All looks really well.

It is tough when a parent, even an in-law, is in the latter years as some capabilities lessen and the pressures of life seem to increase.  Some circumstances are matter of course and some just seem CATASTROPHIC.

I welcome any words of wisdom, encouragement and you could even send me a verbal .kick in the pants'.


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