Thursday, September 13, 2012

I am getting OLDER..........

This week we went to a 2 day retreat called SEPTEMBER wimpy slightly older ones were MISSING.  Maybe you are not retired yet..............or is it scheduling an interest?

Some people of a variety of ages LOVED the the retreat, I was/am 'still not sure' but I did carry away an increasing thought towards how the ones in our age range can 'take up the torch' for wider fellowship.  Oh, the youngest was 60 and the oldest was not revealed but likely over 90 as Norman Winslow was 83 on Tuesday and Phyllis Walrath mentioned she is 87!

Tuesday evening a woman said "I remember you from when you lived in Estevan" BLEW MY MIND and messed with my head for a couple hours (yeah I know THAT isn't that hard to do) She liked my red hair!!! As a little boy, it is not quite a bright as it was when I was 10! As I worked through the various thoughts and feelings this triggered it underscored the benefit of investing in each generation younger than our own.  I like to think I am a pretty ordinary and typical  person so if a simple mention of a remembrance has such a positive impact HOW MUCH EFFECT CAN EACH OF US HAVE ON OTHERS?

This is NOT an admonition.  The baton of SERVICE has passed well but that connection I saw among those over 65-70 appears to be fading in those under 70.  Maybe it is in mid process (and I am not good at adult connection as I should be).  Maybe it is a phase or season of our life cycles?

As I write I am not EXCITED about next year's September Days but I do feel a DETERMINATION growing...........

Now I need to get some rest so I can spend Friday evening with our YOUTH Kickoff least 5 grandchildren of September Days attendees will be there!!!

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