Friday, October 19, 2012

Facebook distracts me

Actually LOTS of things do...
Since I last blogged we have had a visitor from Taiwan for 10 days(and Jason and I had THREE great Northern Lights viewing nights) helped the success!!  They offer email alerts when the electromagnetic activity is likely to result in the Aurora Borealis.

We've had Alex and Gaby on two Friday when school was out and I've been out helping Jay build a GREAT storage shed.  12x12 with 9 foot walls.  Julie will actually be able to use the garage for her vehicle!!!

Earlier this week we had a pretty decent day so I FINALLY repaired some fascia on our house.  It's only needed it for at least 5 years!!!!  $120 later the front has aluminum fascia.  Now for the remaining fascia about 4 times as much with 10 times the effort because it will involve eaves troughs. SEVERAL TIMES WHILE DOING THIS I.REFLECTED ON HOW BLESSED I/WE ARE.  the weather, the ability AND HEALTH  to do the work.

Another couple weeks and we may have it sorted out for someone to live in our house while we are in Taiwan this winter. TALK ABOUT ANOTHER BLESSING!!!!!

Melissa is visiting for the month of December, ANOTHER BLESSING!

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